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Complete the Lyrics

Complete the following lyrics 10 Questions.

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There's a murder on the dancefloor

  • And it's making me want to move
  • But it better not kill the groove
  • So we better leave.


I'm safe up high nothing can touch me...

  • But why do I feel this party's over
  • Because you're my protection
  • That's why you never catch me


And we've come to the end of the road

  • now you must go
  • but I can't let go
  • now my feelings show


Six-thirty in the morning....

  • I'm awake thinkin of you
  • I found her in my bed
  • I've arrived early from tour


Somebody told me, you have

  • a boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend
  • a new girl that was a old boy
  • best friend who cheated on me


Get the party started on a Saturday night

  • But wait til I arrive
  • Get in the drinks and let me know
  • Everybody is waiting for me to arrive


I'm holding on a rope...

  • But I'm only just holding on
  • You got me 10ft off the ground
  • but I'm scared I'm gonna fall


I don't wanna do this any more

  • I don't wanna be the reason why
  • I don't wanna ma you feel sore
  • Don't wanna see you walk out the door


Could be a Sweet Dream or a Beautiful nightmare

  • Either way I don't want to wake up from you
  • But I can't wake up from you
  • But please don't make me feel scared


And I know...

  • Some day I will have to forget you
  • You're shining down on me from heaven
  • We will end up together