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German For Beginners IV

Useful phrases and words when you're out on the town. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Nice easy one to start with. How would you ask for a menu in a German restaurant?

  • "Kann ich ein Menu bitte haben?"
  • "Kann ich eine Serviette bitte?"
  • "Kann ich einen Tisch fur zwei?"
  • "Kann ich ein Messer und Gabel?"

Question 2 Photo

You are relying on public transport to get you to the city, but you don't know when the bus is due. How would you ask someone?

  • "Gibt es ein Taxistand nahe hier?"
  • "Gibt es ein passender Lastwagen?"
  • "Wann ist der nachste Bus durch die Stadt?"
  • "Gibt es ein passendes Flugzeug?"

Question 3 Photo

You go to a theater where you see a sign like this. What mustn't you do?

  • Smoke
  • Run
  • Talk loudly
  • Cheer

Question 4 Photo

You go into a bar and the waiter asks "Was mochten Sie trinken?" What is he asking?

  • What country you come from
  • What it is you'd like to drink
  • Whether you're old enough to drink
  • Whether you'd like a bowl of nuts with your drink

Question 5 Photo

Your looking for a parking space in the big city when you come across a sign that says 'Parkplatz voll'. What does it mean?

  • There are parking spaces still available
  • It's a private car park
  • It's a car park for disabled drivers only
  • The car park is full

Question 6 Photo

You've just been mugged in the city. To whom would you go for assistance?

  • Bankangestellter
  • Stadtidiot
  • Polizeioffizier
  • Chemiker

Question 7 Photo

You take advantage of the offers in your hotel, and you choose the "Badeort". Where would you be going?

  • The spa
  • The hotel bar
  • Private tennis court
  • Gymnasium

Question 8 Photo

If you were to visit a "Bordell", where would you find yourself?

  • In a brothel
  • In a coffee house
  • At the zoo
  • At the museum

Question 9 Photo

In which of the following places could you relieve yourself?

  • Toilette
  • Badezimmer
  • Ankleiden
  • All the above

Question 10 Photo

Your flying home, but which of the following places would you need to catch your flight?

  • Der Bahnhof
  • Der Flughafen
  • Der Hafen
  • Die Abschussrampe