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Brit kids of the 90s Quiz part 4

Here is my final quiz of 90s nostalgia for British kids! 10 Questions.

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Now digital TV channels, in the 90s, they were the two main slots for children's TV programmes, what are they called?

  • Cbeebies and CBBC
  • CBBC and Citv
  • Kids TV and Cbeebies
  • BBC Kids and ITV Kids


Can you fill in the missing word and complete the catch phrase from this children's TV show from the 90s, "Biker, Biker, Biker......"?

  • Grove
  • Road
  • Street
  • Alley


This fruit juice type drink came in lots of flavours including Orange and, probably, made 90s kids hyper as well as tasting really good. What is the popular name for it?

  • Sunshine Delight
  • Sunny D
  • Sun Drink
  • Sunshine Drink

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These two Rag Dolls lived on a narrow boat and had adventures when the owner wasn't looking, what are their names?

  • Josie and James
  • Rosie and Bob
  • Rose and James
  • Rosie and Jim

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The best way to describe this playground game of the 90s is making patterns with elastic stretched over your hands. What am I talking about?

  • Kitty Cradle
  • Dogs cradle
  • Cats Cradle
  • Puppy Cradle


This series of books, popular in the 90s, was about a boy who liked helping his parents at the local dog kennels, which they owned, what is it called?

  • Dog Kennel Boy
  • Puppy Patrol
  • Dog Patrol
  • Puppy Boy

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In the 90s children's TV show which has his name in it, this boy had a magic watch which could stop time, what was his name?

  • Matthew
  • Benjimen
  • Joseph
  • Bernard


This question is not just for Brit kids, but the song was released in the 90s and the dance craze is still popular, what is it?

  • Macarena
  • Gangnam Style
  • The YMCA
  • None of the above


What is the name of the live action comic strip style children's TV show which had characters such as 'Daisy Dares You and 'The Handymen'?

  • ZZZip
  • ZZZoom
  • ZZZap
  • ZipZapZoom

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Finally, in the 90s there was a huge playground craze for these string toys, what are they?

  • Up and Downs
  • Spinarounds
  • String Flingers
  • Yo- Yos