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Mrs Praggy Wants..... Quiz

Xmas is coming and the hints are flowing! But with all this new and confusing technology, with what does a caring husband replace the old appliances? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Mrs Praggy is getting too old to play with her dolly anymore. What could I replace it with?

  • A big stone in the stream
  • Washing machine
  • A Barbie
  • Philosan

Question 2 Photo

With the winter approaching, Mrs Praggy says she’s fed up with breaking the ice every day. What could I get her to make her happy?

  • An ice pick
  • A candle
  • A new cardy
  • An indoor WC

Question 3 Photo

Both Mrs Praggy and my daughter complain about washing the dishes. What could I get her to make it easier? (I’m not paying for servants!)

  • A dishwasher
  • A dog
  • A washing up brush
  • Washing up liquid

Question 4 Photo

Mrs Praggy says it takes too long for the washing to dry. For what is she hinting?

  • A mangle
  • A clothes horse in front of the fire
  • A tumble drier
  • To wear the same clothes for the whole week

Question 5 Photo

Mrs Praggy says the telephone reminds her of her mother every time she walks through the hall. What would be a sensible improvement?

  • Build a cupboard around the phone
  • Dark glasses
  • Move the phone to the shed
  • Buy her a mobile phone

Question 6 Photo

Mrs Praggy says it takes too long to develop the family snaps. What could I get her to speed things up a bit?

  • A Boots voucher
  • Digital Camera
  • A bigger developing tank
  • Plumbing

Question 7 Photo

Apparently the vinyl records are taking up too much space. What can I get Mrs Praggy to ease the problem?

  • A new shed
  • Compact discs
  • I-Pod
  • More shelving

Question 8 Photo

Mrs Praggy says the “video” has packed up and she can’t get the parts (or “Emmerdale”), anymore. What is she after?

  • Digital HD TV recorder
  • Chocolates
  • “Solitaire”
  • A copy of “War and Peace”

Question 9 Photo

According to Mrs Praggy, “it takes forever” to prepare my dinner and the kitchen gets full of smoke. What does she expect me to do?

  • Give her a blow lamp
  • Buy her a cooker
  • Fetch more firewood
  • Get the chimney swept

Question 10 Photo

Mrs Praggy says she’s having a problem lighting the underfloor, hypocaust heating. What could I get to sort this out for her?

  • A plumber
  • Mop and bucket
  • Petrol
  • Central heating