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Dallas (Original) TV Drama - The Ultimate Quiz

I am a massive fan of Dallas, so these questions are testing, but they are not so difficult that you will have to have seen every single episode. 30 Questions.

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What was the name of Sue Ellen's psychiatrist?

  • Dr. Elbe
  • Dr. Danvers
  • Dr. Kenderson
  • Dr. Cooper


Jenna had a son with Bobby. Who did she name him after?

  • Bobby
  • Ray's father (the one who brought him up, not Jock)
  • Her own father
  • He wasn't named after anyone


Which of the following careers did Lucy not want to pursue?

  • Model
  • Waitress
  • Singer
  • Teacher


Which of the following women did JR not sleep with?

  • Mandy
  • April
  • Afton
  • Pamela


Which University did Lucy attend in season 3?

  • Dallas Tech
  • Texas Medical
  • Atlanta Tech
  • Southern Methodist University


Which of the following was not one of JR's secretaries?

  • Sly
  • Kristen
  • Afton
  • Julie


Was the President of "Weststar Oil", Jeremy Wendell, Married?

  • No - he was married to his work
  • Yes
  • Yes - He then divorced her for sleeping with JR
  • No - he was a homosexual


Why did JR and Ray fall out in Season 2?

  • JR got Ray fired
  • They found out Ray was Jock's son
  • JR slept with Ray's girlfriend Garnet McGee
  • JR found out Ray slept with Sue Ellen


Where did Jock and Bobby have their famous argument in season 4?

  • The Oil Baron's Club
  • The Living Room at Southfork
  • The Ewing Oil Offices
  • The Cattleman's Club


Where and by who was JR shot first?

  • By Kristen in the Ewing Oil Offices
  • In the Ewing Condo by Sue Ellen
  • In Louisiana by men who held a grudge against Jock
  • By B.D Calhoon in LA


You are Miss Ellie in the Dining room in your usual seat, who sits at your immediate right?

  • Jock
  • Lucy
  • JR
  • Bobby


Which of these was not one of JR's sons?

  • John Ross III
  • Christopher
  • James
  • They were all his biological sons


What was the Farlow ranch called?

  • Southfork
  • They didn't as they lived in San Antonio
  • Ridge Dale
  • Southern Cross


What state were Mitch and Afton Cooper from?

  • Mississippi
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • California


Who was Sly's uncle?

  • Jordan Lee
  • Harry McSween
  • Seth Stone
  • Jeremy Wendell


Why did JR hire B.D Calhoon to blow up oil fields in the Middle East?

  • The fields belonged to Cliff Barnes
  • To make the Cartel lose millions
  • Imported Arab oil lowered the price of Texas oil
  • April blackmailed him


What was the name of the oil well in the Gulf where Cliff Barnes struck big?

  • Ewing 23
  • Barnes 8
  • Gold Canyone 3 4 0
  • Red Gorge 1 9 8


JR eventually got to sleep with Leslie Stewart. Who was she?

  • Pam's sister
  • Pam's best friend
  • Ray's girlfriend
  • JR's PR expert


JR and Cliff slept with a lot of the same women. Which of these women did both JR and Cliff not sleep with? Hint : In one episode Sue Ellen listed them all.

  • Mandy
  • Kristen
  • Julie
  • Afton


What was the name of the epsiode in which Bobby was injured and then died? It was the start of the dream season.

  • Ewing Gate
  • A House Divided
  • Swan Song
  • Flat Line


In which of these event's did JR actually cry?

  • Bobby's death
  • When Sue Ellen was in the hospital when John Ross III was born prematurely
  • When he lost all the Ewing Oil assets to Weststar
  • JR never cried - it was his character


Which three members of the cast still remain close friends?

  • Linda Gray, Susan Howard and Patrick Duffy
  • Percilla Presley, Victoria Principle and Linda Gray
  • Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Steve Kanaly
  • Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray


In 1980 at the height of the "Who shot JR?" summer, what did Larry Hagman take the opportunity to do?

  • Make himself a producer of the show
  • Change his contract so he became the highest paid man in television
  • Make it so he became consulted about story lines
  • Sell the answer to the press


Can you match these first and second names?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • JR
  • Ray
  • Mandy
  • April


  • Ewing
  • Krebbs
  • Winger
  • Stevens


Who was Miss Ellie's favourite son? First name only.

Type in the correct answer


Who was the father of Jenna's daughter, Charlie?

  • Bobby
  • JR
  • Naldo
  • Maynard Anderson


Cally was JR's second wife. They met in Louisiana, what was she working as?

  • Stripper
  • Model
  • Waitress
  • She was a house wife of a rich oil man


Who shot Bobby in the Ewing Oil offices?

  • JR
  • Cliff
  • Catherine
  • Kristen


Who did JR (unintentionally in my opinion) throw over a balcony whilst fighting over Sue Ellen?

  • Jerry Kenderson
  • Nicolas Pearce
  • Dusty Farlow
  • Pamela


Which member of the Ewing family do you never see wearing jeans? First name only.

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