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The 8 Degrees of Seperation Quiz..

Can you connect Prasutagus to Kevin Bacon in 8 questions? 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

''Prasutagus'' was the King of a British Celtic tribe called Iceni who inhabited what is now known as Norfolk, in the 1st century AD. Who was his wife??

  • ''Gudit''
  • ''Artemisia I of Caria''
  • ''Zenobia''
  • ''Boudicca''

Question 2 Photo

''Alex Kingston'' played ''Boudicca'' in a film in 2003. She also played ''Dr Elizabeth Corday'' in medical drama ''ER'' from 1997-2009. Who played her husband that died of brain cancer in the show?

  • ''George Clooney''
  • ''Anthony Edwards''
  • ''Noah Wyle''
  • ''Eriq La Salle''

Question 3 Photo

''Anthony Edwards'' Stared along side ''Tom Cruise'' in ''Top Gun'' But who wrote and directed the movie ''Tropic Thunder'' in which ''Tom Cruise'' played ''Les Grossman''?

  • ''Robert Downey Jr''
  • ''Jack Black''
  • ''Owen Wilson''
  • ''Ben Stiller''

Question 4 Photo

''Ben Stiller'' starred in an episode of ''Extras'' written and starring ''Ricky Gervais''. Which actor also appeared in an episode and also starred in the movie ''Pulp Fiction''?

  • ''John Travolta
  • ''Tim Roth''
  • ''Samuel L. Jackson''
  • ''Bruce Willis''

Question 5 Photo

Who also starred in ''Pulp Fiction'' and stared alongside ''Olivia Newton-John'' in ''Grease''?

  • ''John Travolta''
  • ''Kurt Russell''
  • ''Michael Madsen''
  • ''Hugh Jackman''

Question 6 Photo

''John Travolta'' was in the fantastic movie ''Face off'' but who did he swap faces with in the film?

  • ''Christian Slater''
  • ''Harvey Keitel''
  • ''Nicolas Cage''
  • ''Christopher Walker''

Question 7 Photo

''Nicolas Cage'' also stared in ''Leaving Las Vagas'' in 1995 and won an Oscar for his performance, but who was his female co-star?

  • ''Glen Close''
  • ''Elisabeth Shue''
  • ''Sharon Stone''
  • ''Melanie Griffith''

Question 8 Photo

Who did ''Elisabeth Shue'' star with in the movie ''Hollow Man'' in the year 2000?

  • Kevin Rasher
  • Kevin Pork
  • Kevin Trotter
  • Kevin Bacon