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Common Latin Expressions Quiz

Have some fun with these Latin expressions in everyday use. No, really, Latin can be fun, especially the wrong answers! No timer. 9 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What does "carpe diem" mean?

  • many fish in the river
  • seize the day
  • she goes on and on
  • my Mazda's nice and shiny

Question 2 Photo

What is a "quid pro quo"?

  • a bargain in the Pound shop
  • a footballer's wallet
  • something given in exchange
  • golf competition entry fee

Question 3 Photo

What is the "status quo"?

  • the existing situation
  • the fate of an ageing rock group
  • view from the top of a ladder
  • an empire outside Rome

Question 4 Photo

What does "tempus fugit" mean?

  • he's got an awful temper
  • time flees
  • the temp didn't turn up today
  • trying to run away

Question 5 Photo

What does it mean to put "QED" on the end of an argument?

  • another Stephen Fry quiz programme
  • old slang for a pound note
  • to stand in a line
  • which was to be shown

Question 6 Photo

What does "ad nauseam" mean?

  • I'm going to be seasick
  • to wear a false nose
  • to the point of disgust
  • too much advertising

Question 7 Photo

If someone says "mea culpa", what are they saying?

  • it's my fault
  • guilty of egotism
  • it's my turn
  • time for tea

Question 8 Photo

If something is "pro bono publico", what is it?

  • free bones for your dog
  • for the public good
  • ageing rocker showing off
  • the public baths

Question 9 Photo

And lastly, you've seen this at the cinema, but what does "ars gratia artis" mean?

  • what a wonderful posterior!
  • thanks for the painting
  • free pictures available
  • art for art's sake