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OS Map Symbols Quiz

Imagine you'd been dropped in a forest and you only had an OS map to help you... would be escape or be eaten by a bear? 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is the symbol for a youth hostel on an OS map?

  • A large green square
  • A small orange circle
  • A large blue hexagon
  • A small pink triangle

Question 2 Photo

What is this the symbol for on an OS map?

  • A site of historical importance
  • A picnic site
  • A campsite
  • A racecourse

Question 3 Photo

What OS symbol does this represent?

  • Place of worship with a tower
  • A Mosque
  • A Catholic church
  • Place of worship with a spire

Question 4 Photo

Look closely at the image on the right. What does this represent on the OS map?

  • A sharp embankment
  • A cave
  • A sand pit
  • A forest

Question 5 Photo

What does the symbol on the far right on the top row represent on the OS map?

  • Halfords store
  • Craft shop
  • Car workshop
  • Mechanic's workshop

Question 6 Photo

What does a small triangular blue flag on a pole represent on an OS map?

  • A fairground
  • A beach
  • A golf course
  • A recreational centre

Question 7 Photo

This small strange looking symbol is the OS map symbol for what?

  • An airport
  • A car rental centre
  • A train station
  • A coach/bus station

Question 8 Photo

Finally, what does this symbol on an OS map represent?

  • A non- coniferous forest
  • A country park
  • A cinema
  • A viewpoint