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Peep Show

A quiz about Channel 4's 'Peep Show'. 20 Questions.

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What is the name of the tower block in which Jeremy and Mark share a flat?

  • Fairfield House
  • Apollo House
  • Croydon House


Which fictional university did Mark and Jeremy attend?

  • Dartmouth University
  • Newquay University
  • Norfolk University


In the third series, what is the name of the woman who Mark and Jeremy have sectioned?

  • Mary
  • Merry
  • Madeline


What is the name of Jeremy's American wife?

  • Nancy
  • Mary
  • Taylor


For which company does Mark work?

  • HBO Finance
  • JLB Credit
  • BJY Banking


What is the name of the neo-Nazi that Mark befriends in series two?

  • Daniel
  • Darren
  • Daryl


What does Mark like for breakfast?

  • Toast: One white, one brown
  • Toast: Two white
  • Toast: Two brown


What is the name of the gym that Mark joins in series four?

  • Champney's
  • Fitness One
  • Huxley's


What is the name of the band (which is just actually a man) for whom Jeremy gets a job as a 'handyman' in series four?

  • Orgathon
  • Orgazoid
  • Orgasmatron


When Mark manages to jump on a bus that is just pulling away in series one, what does he declare himself?

  • Lord of the Bus
  • King of the Bus
  • A modern day Bus-based Messiah


What is the name of the teenager who Mark meets at a party and sleeps with in series four?

  • Vivienne
  • Vera
  • Valerie


After meeting Foz and Sally at a school reunion in series four, where do Mark and Jeremy go with them for a day trip?

  • Zoo
  • Safari Park
  • Stately Home


What happens to Mark at the Safari Park?

  • Jeremy throws his wallet out of the car window in the lion section
  • Jeremy steals his trousers whilst he is getting changed after getting wet on a log flume
  • Jeremy kisses Mark after drinking twelve pints of real ale


What is the name of the strange IT girl in series five, who Mark thinks could be 'the one'?

  • Dabby
  • Dobby
  • Debby


In series three, Suze has a new boyfriend whom she calls a 'hunk of monk'. What is his real name?

  • Steve
  • Simon
  • Sam


What is the name of the neighbour's husband?

  • Tony
  • Troy
  • Tyrone


After meeting Valerie, a 'teenage goth' at a party, where do Mark and Jeremy take Toni and Valerie where they then meet Jeff and Sophie?

  • Ice skating
  • Paintballing
  • Laser Bowl


What is the name of Sophie's brother that Mark and Jeremy meet at the beginning of series five?

  • Jamie
  • Barney
  • Richard


At Sophie and Mark's wedding, how does Jeremy makes their hiding place in the gallery known?

  • He falls over the bannister
  • He wees himself and the wee seeps between the cracks
  • He is spotted by the vicar kissing a painting of Jesus


And finally, where is Jeff from?

  • Merseyside
  • Teeside
  • Edinburgh