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The Malazan Quiz

This quiz is based on the "Malazan books of the Fallen" by Steven Erikson and Ian C esselmont. Also include any side books from the Malazan world. 10 Questions.

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In Ian C esselmont's books "Return of the Crimson Guard" and "Stonewielder" you follow a young man named Kyle. Where is Kyle from?

  • Kolanse
  • Assail
  • Korel
  • Li Heng


Who is Draconus' son?

  • Arathan
  • Anomander Rake
  • Tulas Shorn
  • Orfantal


Who uses the motto "First in, Last out"?

  • The Bonehunters
  • Coltaine's Chain of Dogs
  • The Crimson Guard
  • The Bridgeburners


Which elder god is Tehol Beddict's manservent Bugg?

  • Draconus
  • Mael
  • K'rull
  • The Errant


In "Stonewielder" Kiska is looking for the lost High Mage Tayschrenn. Her aunt Agayla takes her to the Queen of Dreams who provides her with a man named Jheval to accompany her. Who is Jheval?

  • Tayschrenn
  • Temper
  • Leoman
  • Possum


The infamous High King Kallor is naturally cold hearted and evil, but in a conversation with the ancient Jaghut Gothos, Kallor ends up uncharacteristically weeping. What did Gothos explain to Kallor?

  • The sundering of Kurald Emurlhan at the hands of Gothos' son Icarium
  • The forthcoming death of Lord Anomander Rake
  • The sacrifice of millions in the Jaghut war against Death
  • The return of the forgotten god K'rull


Traveller is givin a sword from Andarist upon Andarist's death. What does Traveller name this sword?

  • Grief
  • Spite
  • Retribution
  • Vengeance


Who is Burn's mother? (hint: also Envy, Spite and Malice' mother)

  • Olar Ethil
  • Kilmandaros
  • Mother Dark
  • T'riss


What relation is Barathol Mekhar to Kalam Mekhar?

  • Uncle
  • Father
  • Brother
  • Cousin


Who killed The Crippled God?

  • Cottilion
  • Draconus
  • Fiddler
  • Karsa Orlong