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aRJay's Classic Science Fiction Quiz

A short but tricky no time limit quiz based on classic science fiction books and authors. 8 Questions.

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In "The Ship who Sang" who is Helva's first 'brawn'?

  • Tod
  • Jennan
  • Simeon
  • Nial


In "Time for the Stars" which twin stayed at home?

  • Tom
  • Vicky
  • Pat
  • Steve


What has happened to Earth that is part of the reason it is shunned in "A Pebble in the Sky"?

  • It is suffering from global warming
  • Its ozone layer has been destroyed
  • It is the most polluted planet in the galaxy
  • It is partly radioactive


In "The City and the Stars" what makes Alvin unique?

  • He has no visible genitalia
  • He has no memories of previous lives
  • He has red hair
  • He has no real parents


Hal Clement's  'Mesklinites' are terrified of what?

  • Heights
  • Humans
  • Fire
  • Water


What in "Dune" is CHOAM?

  • A political party opposed to the emperor
  • The organisation composed of the none ruling noble houses
  • The all controlling trading combine
  • The mining union on Arrakis


Who wrote "Collosus"?

  • D F Jones
  • Diana Wynne Jones
  • Raymond F Jones
  • Neil R Jones


In "The Beast Master" what is the relationship between Hosteen Storm and Logan Quade?

  • None
  • They are half brothers
  • They are pupil and master
  • They are both aliases of Dar Zedsson