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HARD Cher Lloyd quiz! (October 2012)

Cher Lloyd quiz! Think you're a brat?! Let's see! Please don't cheat, just guess if you don't know! :) 15 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is 1 song that Cher Lloyd wrote on her own from her album?

  • "Riot!"
  • "Superhero"
  • "End up here"
  • "Oath"

Question 2 Photo

Put the following songs in order. Which songs did she sing (IN ORDER) "X Factor" live shows 4-7?

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  • "Sorry seems to be the hardest word/mockingbird"
  • "Imagine"
  • "Stay"
  • "Empire State of Mind"

Question 3 Photo

Who is Cher Lloyd engaged to?

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Question 4 Photo

Which judge on the "X Factor" told Cher she made it to judge's houses?

  • Simon
  • Louis
  • Cheryl
  • Nicole

Question 5 Photo

When the judge delivered the great news to Cher in boot camp, how did they say it?

  • "Next person going through to judges homes... is Cher Lloyd!"
  • "Next person going through is... Cher!"
  • "It's Cher Lloyd!"
  • "Cher Lloyd! Congratulations."

Question 6 Photo

Cher wears lots of clothes or carries bags with "PB" on it, what does that stand for?

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Question 7 Photo

Put the Lloyd kids in order from oldest to youngest!

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  • Josh
  • Rosie
  • Cher
  • Sophie

Question 8 Photo

What does Cher's microphone look like?

  • It's pink and sparkly!
  • It has 18 grey spikes!
  • It has 9 grey spikes!
  • It's silver and sparkly!

Question 9 Photo

When did Cher's album "Sticks and Stones" come out in north america? (In words: Month (space) Day (space) Year.) For example: July 4 2011

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Question 10 Photo

What is Cher's first single in North America? (First song that had a music video released)

  • "With ur Love"
  • "Swagger Jagger"
  • "Want u back"
  • "Oath"

Question 11 Photo

What is Cher Lloyd's favorite food from "the x factor"?

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Question 12 Photo

What week on "The X Factor" did Simon give Cher a negative comment and what did he say?

  • Week 1 - "I didn't like the song"
  • Week 3 - "I don't like the staging"
  • Week 6 - "Too slow of song, I want to hear you rap"
  • Week 7 - "I don't like the prop you used"

Question 13 Photo

What is Cher Lloyd's favourite colour?

  • Baby pink and white
  • Just pink
  • Dark pink and purple
  • Pink and white

Question 14 Photo

Cher Lloyd loved to put her own twist on songs during "The X Factor" There was 1 song she performed, in which she only added in 1 word. What song and what was the lyric?

  • "Stay" - "Baby"
  • "Empire State of Mind" - "Yeah"
  • "Nothin' on you" - "Hello"
  • "Shout/No Diggity" - "Holla"

Question 15 Photo

(LAST QUESTION, but the hardest) How many songs did she sing on an "X Factor" stage 2010-2011 (Not group performances! & Include combinations)

  • 22
  • 19
  • 13
  • 20