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English Words Meanings Quiz

Are you sure you know them! 8 Questions.

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What does the word ''pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis'' mean?

  • A lung disease.
  • A type of volcano eruption.
  • A machine.
  • A special car prototype.

Question 2 Photo

What does the word ''aisle'' mean?

  • An alleyway.
  • A path through the centre of the theatre.
  • A dance.
  • A balcony in a cinema.

Question 3 Photo

What does the word ''supersede'' mean?

  • To change clothes.
  • To win a prize.
  • To change sides.
  • To change when something is old.

Question 4 Photo

What does the word ''coax'' mean?

  • To persuade somebody gently.
  • To persuade somebody by hurting them.
  • To lie about somebody.
  • To make things up.

Question 5 Photo

What does the word ''owe'' mean?

  • A female horse.
  • A part of an engine.
  • To sack somebody.
  • To be under obligation to pay or repay.

Question 6 Photo

What does ''syzygy'' mean?

  • The Orbit of Pluto.
  • Something related to something.
  • To fly an air balloon.
  • Something that a person likes.

Question 7 Photo

What does ''floccinaucinihilipilification'' mean?

  • When you wash your teeth in special whitening liquid.
  • Something very rare.
  • A word to describe how fast is something.
  • Something to describe a rabbit.

Question 8 Photo

What does ''ache'' mean?

  • A pain.
  • A part of an arm.
  • A part of a structure of a roof.
  • A liquid.