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Daily Paper Jargon Quiz

Jargon and terms used in the newspaper publishing industry. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What term is used to describe the title block at the top of a newspaper stating the title, ownership, management, subscription and other non-news features?

  • Logo
  • Masthead
  • Leader
  • Title Head

Question 2 Photo

As what is the line, at the beginning of a story giving the place and date of the reported incident, known?

  • Headline
  • Credit Line
  • Byline
  • Dateline

Question 3 Photo

A story obtained before other newspapers or other media receive the information is known as a what?

  • Scoop
  • Break
  • Flash
  • Kill

Question 4 Photo

What name is used to refer to an “out of town” reporter?

  • Carrier
  • Agent
  • Correspondent
  • Syndicate

Question 5 Photo

What kind of article is a story in which the interest lies in some factor other than the news value, usually to entertain?

  • City Desk
  • Lifestyle
  • Dummy
  • Feature

Question 6 Photo

What term is used to describe a story that continues from one page to another?

  • Continuation
  • Jump
  • Offset
  • Insert

Question 7 Photo

The line-up of news stories scheduled for the next day's newspaper is known by what term?

  • Gutter
  • Register
  • Budget
  • Pagination

Question 8 Photo

The emphasis given a story or page is known as what?

  • The Play
  • The Balloon
  • The Cover
  • The Banner

Question 9 Photo

By what term is a part-time reporter, or correspondent commonly known?

  • Editor
  • Stringer
  • Dingbat
  • Paparazzi

Question 10 Photo

What is the traditional name for the press, referring to it as the "fourth branch" of government?

  • Fourth Bridge
  • Fourth Identity
  • Fourth Column
  • Fourth Estate