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Healing Minerals Quiz

You’ve probably seen them for sale, but can you remember their names? 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which mineral stone is believed to improve physical/emotional balance, raise consciousness and build self-confidence?

  • Afence
  • Agate
  • Ador
  • Aparf

Question 2 Photo

Which mineral stone, considered a "Master Healing Stone", is believed to induce contentment, improve common sense, enhance mind quieting, and reduce anger, depression, impatience and nightmares?

  • Athemyst
  • Ashmetyst
  • Ashtemyst
  • Amethyst

Question 3 Photo

Which mineral stone is referred to as the “Jewel Of Wisdom” or “Stone Of Heaven”, and is believed to encourage more assertive communication, alertness and sense of justice?

  • Azurite
  • Flint
  • Granite
  • Carborundum

Question 4 Photo

Which mineral stone, naturally shaped as a flower, is believed to help relax the nervous system and to facilitate relationship loyalty and addiction cleansing?

  • Quartz Tulip
  • Basalt Lily
  • Barite Rose
  • Chalk Iris

Question 5 Photo

Which mineral stone is believed to increase self-expression, artistic creativity and healing, and whose peaceful nature encourages honesty, openness and listening?

  • Wyshanite
  • Oldmetite
  • Dreamonanite
  • Celestite

Question 6 Photo

Which form of Selenite, naturally shaped as a flower, is believed to bring a sense of calmness and tranquillity, clarify thinking and perception, quiet worry and bring out practicality?

  • Mogadon Fleur
  • Desert Rose
  • Valium Bloom
  • Perlite Pretty

Question 7 Photo

Which mineral stone is believed to have an uncanny ability to absorb many types of pain and to excel in healing emotional and physical aspects of the heart?

  • Advil Rock
  • Nuprin Crystal
  • Eilat Stone
  • Tylenol Nugget

Question 8 Photo

Which mineral stone is believed to condense scattered feelings, turn fuzziness into mental clarity, enhance concentration, memory, practicality, and help with sound sleep?

  • Hematite
  • Cosherite
  • Naponite
  • Dozealot

Question 9 Photo

Which mineral stone, closely resembling diamonds, is considered a “Dream Stone” and is believed to enhance visualization and dream recall?

  • Halucinium Gems
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Trancenum Sapphires
  • Comadium Rubies

Question 10 Photo

Which mineral stone is considered a very strong "Shaman" stone and is believed can stimulate visions, act as an alcohol / addiction detoxificator, and is said to help build relationships?

  • Daternite
  • Crystalmeth
  • Imaginite
  • Iolite

Question 11 Photo

Which mineral stone is believed to remove emotional blockages, enhance the flow of creativity, and increase intuition?

  • Exlaxanate
  • Titanium Agate
  • Ajinnernite
  • Incentivanium

Question 12 Photo

Which salt is known for its unique healing properties to reduce signs of aging & cramps, increase bone strength, create a healthy libido & reduce chances of developing rheumatism, arthritis & gout?

  • Rock Salt
  • Kosher Salt
  • Celtic Salt
  • Himalayan Sea Salt