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Blues Harp Legends

Legendary blues harmonica players and their music. Plenty cryptic clues to help out. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

John Lee Curtis Williamson, American blues harmonica player and singer was better know as who?

  • "Sonny Boy Williamson"
  • "Catfish Williamson"
  • "King Biscuit Williamson"
  • "Alabama Williamson"

Question 2 Photo

Which famous blues "harp" player is described as being "the Hendrix of the harmonica"?

  • Ray Moon
  • "Harmonica Red"
  • Johnny Mars
  • "Junior" Wells

Question 3 Photo

"Wailing at Weavers" was a hit for which blues band?

  • Paul Lamb and the Blues Burglars
  • The Paul deLay Band
  • Greg Taylor and the Rockets
  • Paul Orta and the Kingpins

Question 4 Photo

U2's Bono described this player as being "the greatest harmonica player in the world". What's his name?

  • Don Baker
  • John Gregg
  • Larry Carver
  • "Crusty" Woods

Question 5 Photo

Electric blues harp player Mike Curtis was better known as who?

  • "Electro" Mike Curtis
  • "Wailing" Mike Curtis
  • "IronMan" Mike Curtis
  • "Dixie" Mike Curtis

Question 6 Photo

Blues harp player Andy Lee plays with which band?

  • The Pussys
  • The Cat's Whiskers
  • The Blue Cats
  • The Mousers

Question 7 Photo

This blues harp player's style was referred to as "Swamp Blues", and he learnt to play the harmonica from the legendary "Sonny Boy Williamson". What is his stage name?

  • "Foot Tapper" Cleve
  • "Mississippi" Cleve
  • "Schoolboy" Cleve
  • "Badger" Cleve

Question 8 Photo

"Walter's Jump" was performed by which legendary blues harp player?

  • King Biscuit Boy
  • Jimmy Reed
  • Junior Wells
  • Little Walter

Question 9 Photo

This veteran Canadian blues harp player has played for 30 years, and has worked with many well-known performers. What is his name?

  • "Cloudy" Morrison
  • Bill Hills
  • "Man Mountain" Hartnett
  • Leroy Falcon

Question 10 Photo

Which legendary blues harp player was born in Chicago, 1951, and formed a band called "The Sons of Blues"?

  • Billy Boy Arnold
  • Louisiana Red
  • Jimmy Reed
  • Billy Branch