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It's Only Words IV Quiz

A challenging quiz for the linguistically impaired, with picture clues. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

A misogynist has a hatred for what?

  • Clothes
  • Women
  • Fashion
  • Blondes

Question 2 Photo

If someone is said to be "prurient" they are obssessively interested in what?

  • Matters of a religious nature
  • Matters concerning their looks
  • Matters of a sexual nature
  • Matters concerning family

Question 3 Photo

Etymology is the study of what?

  • The study of insects
  • The study of ethnic groups
  • The study of bacteria
  • The study of words

Question 4 Photo

To evanesce means to do what?

  • To turn gelitanous
  • To crowd around
  • To dissipate like vapour
  • To change one's mind

Question 5 Photo

Misogamy is a hatred of what?

  • Marriage
  • Adornments
  • Religious symbols (ie, crucifixes etc.)
  • Overt displays of affluence

Question 6 Photo

What is a palooka?

  • The guard's van on a steam train
  • Another name for a novice
  • An easily defeated sports player
  • A knock out blow on the first punch

Question 7 Photo

If something is said to be "saprophagous" what does it feed on?

  • Decaying matter
  • Tree bark
  • Paper
  • Blood

Question 8 Photo

If one is said to be "demophobic" what are they afraid of?

  • Demons
  • Demonstrative people
  • Crowds
  • Graphite (carbon)

Question 9 Photo

What is a formicarium?

  • A nest of ants
  • A large mole hill
  • A nursery for termites
  • A geological outcrop of mineral salts.

Question 10 Photo

Someone said to be "uxorious" displays what?

  • A love of the sea
  • A fondness for weddings
  • A complete disregard for the law
  • Excessive devotion to his wife