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What!? A Translation Quiz

Lovers of bizarre things, eat your heart out here! Can you tell what the mottos, slogans and brand names are when translated in different languages? 10 Questions.

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Coco Cola, at first, was translated into Chinese as 'Ke- kou- ke- la', which means what dependent on the dialect?

  • 'Bite the wax tadpole', or 'female horse stuffed with wax'
  • 'Sugary teeth plague', or ' lick the grimy window'
  • 'Bathe daily in urine', or 'chew the fur of the dog'
  • 'Curdling pig milk; drink up!', or 'See that mouldy pizza?'

Question 2 Photo

The Italian mineral water 'traficante' means what when translated into Spanish?

  • 'Sewer juice'
  • 'Naughty boy'
  • 'Bad man'
  • 'Drug dealer'

Question 3 Photo

Ford had a translation problem with their Fiera, because in Latin American countries 'Fiera' means what?

  • 'Elderly nusiance'
  • 'Ugly old woman'
  • 'Repulsive lady'
  • 'Rude senior'

Question 4 Photo

Nissan launched the 'Moco' before they found out it translated into Spanish as what?

  • 'Intestines'
  • 'Faeces'
  • 'Mucus'
  • 'Snot'

Question 5 Photo

Pepsi Cola had the slogan 'Come alive with the Pepsi generation' which was what when translated into Chinese?

  • 'Drinking pepsi is like drinking acid- it kills you'
  • 'Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave'
  • 'Pepsi helps cure the fatally ill'
  • 'Drink Pepsi and you will be transported to a colourful galaxy'

Question 6 Photo

Plessey and GEC had a joint company in France called GPT. When this is pronounced in French, it comes out like Jay- Pay- Tay which means what?

  • 'I have passed gas'
  • 'I have let a fart slip. Please excuse me'
  • 'I have farted'
  • 'Whoops. I have cut the cheese'

Question 7 Photo

KFC's 'finger- lickin' good' slogan was translated into Chinese as what?

  • 'Lick your toe cheese'
  • 'Chew your nails'
  • 'Devour your digits'
  • 'Eat your fingers off'

Question 8 Photo

The German hardware store chain Gotzen opened a mall in Turkey but decided to change the store name because got means what in Turkish?

  • 'Posterior'
  • 'Bum'
  • 'Bogey'
  • 'Tramp'

Question 9 Photo

'Jolly Green Giant' means what when translated into Arabic?

  • 'Intimidating green ogre'
  • 'Large green beast'
  • 'Scary hairy man'
  • 'Gigantic corn fool'

Question 10 Photo

Bacardi released a drink which they called 'Pavian' but, alas, it meant what in German?

  • 'Hairy mandrill'
  • 'Savage animal'
  • 'Baboon'
  • 'Hairy ape'