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Name Some of the World's Weirdest Animals Quiz

A Custards and Custards Jnr joint production. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is this weird fish that eats anything that floats by?

  • Lazybones
  • Bottomfish
  • Blobfish
  • Splatfish

Question 2 Photo

Can you name this weird creature that's nose can grow to a quarter of its body length?

  • Olive baboon
  • Proboscis monkey
  • Dryas monkey
  • Tanatalus monkey

Question 3 Photo

What is this creature with tentacles around its nose to give it a highly developed sense of touch?

  • Fish nosed mole
  • Spike nosed mole
  • Splat nosed mole
  • Star nosed mole

Question 4 Photo

What is this creature with powerful hind legs that allow it jump up to 1.8 metres?

  • Jack rabbit
  • Miniature kangaroo
  • Bounce mouse
  • Long eared jerboa

Question 5 Photo

Can you name the oldest mammal on earth, existing 120 million years ago?

  • Spiny anteater
  • Long nosed echidna
  • Snuffling hedgehog
  • Echinasaurus

Question 6 Photo

What is this crustacean that lives more than 2200 metres below the surface of the sea?

  • Feathered crab
  • Hairy crab
  • Yeti crab
  • Bearded crab

Question 7 Photo

Can you name this bird that has its own very silly dance?

  • Dancing gull
  • Blue footed stuker
  • Lesser spotted booby
  • Blue footed booby

Question 8 Photo

Can you name this creature that uses its long snout as a snorkel when it submerges itself below water to hide from danger?

  • Malayan tapir
  • Fresian pig
  • Panda pig
  • Monochrome tapir