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Hostess With The Mostest Quiz

A snippet of the many roles that etiquette expects of a good hostess, or a host! 10 Questions.

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How should a hostess help ensure her party ends at an appropriate time?

  • Ring a bell and shout “Everybody Out!”
  • State start and finish times on the invitation
  • Start yawning obviously at midnight
  • Let the dogs out

Question 2 Photo

How should you word invitations, to let invitees that may be single, know that it is OK to come alone?

  • ‘Invitee name’ and partner (not)
  • ‘Invitee name’ and friend (if you have one)
  • Come on your own if you want to
  • ‘Invitee name’ and guest (optional)

Question 3 Photo

What is the first thing a good hostess should do for the guests?

  • Greet them warmly at the door
  • Show them where to freshen up
  • Carefully hang their coats up
  • Introduce them to other guests

Question 4 Photo

How should you be considerate of those that are driving?

  • Have no alcohol available
  • Allow only one glass of wine per person
  • Provide a good variety of soft drinks
  • Give them a “DRIVER” badge

Question 5 Photo

How should you ensure your guests don’t feel left out?

  • Show them to the kitchen
  • Give them plenty of snack food
  • Keep refilling their glass
  • Mingle and introduce people to each other

Question 6 Photo

For what time should you plan your dinner if your invitation states “7pm”?

  • 7.30pm - to allow for stragglers
  • 8.00 pm - to allow time for drinks and mingling
  • 7pm as per the invitation
  • Whenever you feel like it

Question 7 Photo

A late guest arrives when you are all on the main course – which course do you serve them?

  • Starter
  • First Course
  • Main Course
  • Nothing, tell them they’ve missed it and to go home.

Question 8 Photo

What wine is traditionally served with a beef course?

  • Red
  • White
  • Rose
  • Sparkling

Question 9 Photo

What should you do before serving dessert?

  • Ask “Who’s full and who wants pudding?”
  • Clear the table of everything from the previous course
  • Top up the drinks
  • Tell them how many calories it contains

Question 10 Photo

Where should you serve after dinner coffee/tea and drinks?

  • At the dinner table
  • In the kitchen while the guests help with the washing up
  • In the lounge
  • Any appropriate room with comfortable seating