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Round the Horne Quiz

A quiz about the popular 1960's radio show 15 Questions.

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Who played the camp duo in Round The Horne?

  • Kenneth Williams and Kenneth Horne
  • Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick
  • Kenneth Williams and Hugh Lloyd
  • Kenneth Williams and Harold Lloyd


Who was the original female cast member in Round The Horne?

  • June Whitfield
  • Joan Sims
  • Betty Marsden
  • Hattie Jacques


Who was NOT involved in the writing of Round The Horne?

  • Marty Feldman
  • Brian Cook
  • Peter Cook
  • Barry Took


Who was the announcer of Round The Horne?

  • Douglas Smith
  • Nicholas Smith
  • Arthur Smith
  • William Smith


Who was Fiona's paramour in Round The Horne?

  • Edwin
  • Jolyon
  • Charles
  • Frederick


What did Rambling Syd Rumpo sing in Round The Horne?

  • Green Grow My Nadgers, Oh!
  • Large Grows My Todger, Oh!
  • Ouch! Go My Codgers, Oh!
  • Squeak! Go my Badgers, Oh!


The character in Round The Horne based on Fanny Craddock was called what?

  • Daisy Slightthigh
  • Dorothy Lightthigh
  • Daphne Whitethigh
  • Deirdre Brightthigh


The 'dirty old man' played by Kenneth Williams in Round The Horne, was whom?

  • H. Cheesemould Bluntbuttock
  • J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock
  • Rambling Syd Pumpo
  • Mr Horne


Which activity did NOT take place in Round The Horne?

  • Paso Doble Jockey Wagging
  • Floodlit Horse Massage
  • Koala Bear Wiggling
  • Nark Fettering On Ice


'We've got a criminal practice that takes up most of our time' was claimed by whom in Round The Horne?

  • Julian and Andy
  • Julian and Sandy
  • Julian and Randy
  • Julian and Gandhi


Where and how did Kenneth Horne (of Round The Horne fame zzzzz) die?

  • In his sleep at home in 1967
  • Of a heart attack at the 1969 Baftas
  • Of cancer in Barbados in 1968
  • In a car accident in Winchester in 1970


Which character's catchphrase (in Round The Horne!!!) was 'Many, many times'?

  • Dulcie Du Barry, Lady Saddlesore
  • Bea Clissold, Lady Counterblast
  • Binkie La Boheme, Lady Spreadthighs
  • Marjorie Dawes, Lady Smutbucket


The gay slang that Julian and Sandy (in Round The Horne, funnily enough!) speak is called what?

  • Volare
  • Polari
  • Calamari
  • Campari


Who also appeared in Round The Horne?

  • John Pertwee
  • Bill Pertwee
  • Arthur Lowe
  • John Le Mesurier


Who toured with the National stage show of Round The Horne?

  • jacksharvey
  • Daze
  • Thelmalouise
  • fizzypops