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The REAL Best Sitcoms of All Time II - Anagrams Quiz

As before, but this time chart numbers 21 to 40. Same rules apply, but will warn if punctuation is needed! 20 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

EH! I HID - No.40 in the chart, this one should be easy, so no clue apart from the picture - it is? No punctuation, just three words!

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DEBAR - Another easy one, so just the picture -what is it called?

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BOTHERED AFFAIRS. A sitcom based in Chigwell about two girls and their next door neighbour (and her many boyfriends). It's name is?

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NOW FRIGID GOAT - One of my all time favourites, written by Michael Aitkens and starring Stephanie Cole and Graham Crowden. What's it's name?

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HATING THIS PORKY EXPENSE - This one has it's star's name in the title. About the owner of a nightclub. There's an apostrophe in the second word (the star's surname).

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Question 6 Photo

FLASH REPTILIAN OR INFERNAL DREDGE - Written by David Nobbs. No clues here - I didn't get where I am by giving clues! Get typing - there are 7 words in this title!

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Question 7 Photo

LIT THE NUBILE HEN - This sitcom ran for two series in 1995-96. It was written by Ben Elton and starred Rowan Atkinson. Based in a police station in Gasforth, a fictional English town.

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Question 8 Photo

RESTFUL BITE - A Carla Lane sitcom about a housewife who is married to a dentist, and their two grown-up sons who are reluctant to leave home. One word answer.

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HATED DULL PATRIOTS - A controversial sitcom written by Johnny Speight. Starting off as a Comedy Playhouse pilot, it aired for 7 series between 1965-1975.

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HEY, NO TONGUES - An early example of 'alternative' comedy that came to TV in the 1980's, and made household names of it's writers and performers.

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Question 11 Photo

CHUNK OF HARSH COAL - started off on radio in the 1950's. It's co-stars included Sid James, Hattie Jacques, Bill Kerr and Kenneth Williams. NOTE: There is an apostrophe in the second word!

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Question 12 Photo

OBESITY GAMES - Aired from 1992 to 2005 and starred Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer as two former lovers who met unexpectedly after no contact for 38 years.

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INLAID SENDER - A sitcom written by Victoria Wood, who also starred in it. Also included her frequent co-star Julie Walters. Note - One word title!

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Question 14 Photo

MARGINS DIP - A sitcom about a seedy landlord who was forever trying to woo his female tenant, Miss Jones (played by Frances de la Tour).

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Question 15 Photo

KEEP ON, RED-HOT DADDY - aired on Channel 4 from 1980 to 1988, this sitcom was set in the offices of a fictional TV news company "GlobeLink News"

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HIT COFFEE - created by and starring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Has seven foreign versions, plus a Chinese version which was announced in 2010!

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Question 17 Photo

MY! I'M A FLY - at 24th position in this chart, this series ran for eleven series from 2000 to 2011, and was the UK's most-watched sitcom in 2008.

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Question 18 Photo

THE SILLY DALEK - A sitcom that ran between 1964 & 1966, of which only 8 epsiodes survive. There was a sequel series aired from 1973 to 1974 and a 1976 film with the same name as the original series.

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Question 19 Photo

MOVES MODERATE HOMES - Starred Michael Crawford & Michele Dotrice. The lead character wore a trademark beret and trench coat. NOTE - 5 words, and the 4th and 5th start with apostrophes!

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Question 20 Photo

MOAN NOT, BROTHER - it's title is a deliberate pun on a phrase from Shakespeare's Hamlet. The lead characters were Audrey fforbes-Hamilton and Richard DeVere.

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