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Novelty Songs Trivia Quiz 3

You probably know these famous Novelty songs, but can you remember who recorded them? (Moderate) 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who sang “Star Trekkin” in 1987?

  • The Chipmunks
  • The Firm
  • Frank & Moon Unit Zappa
  • The Cadets

Question 2 Photo

Who portrayed the star of the “Blobby Song”, voted the world’s worst record, yet still a No1 hit?

  • Father Abraham
  • Noel Edmunds
  • Keith Chegwin
  • Barry Killerby

Question 3 Photo

Who was ‘the action news reporter’ at the scene of “The Streak”?

  • Ray Stevens
  • Jim Stafford
  • Stan Freberg
  • Allen Sherman

Question 4 Photo

Who was the “Disco Duck”, ‘hitting the floor and acting strange’?

  • The Hollywood Argyles
  • Ebe Sneezer & His Epidemics
  • Rick Dees and his Cast Of Idiots
  • Sid King And The Five Strings

Question 5 Photo

Who was all together and leaning on the paddles of a “War Canoe” in 1965?

  • Nervous Norvus
  • Bill Cosby
  • Roger Miller
  • Rolf Harris

Question 6 Photo

Who told us that everybody was picking on “Charlie Brown” with their 1959 hit?

  • The Surfaris
  • The Coasters
  • The Beach Boys
  • The Drifters

Question 7 Photo

Also in1959, who related the tale of the “Little White Bull”?

  • Adam Faith
  • Billy Fury
  • Tommy Steele
  • Roy Castle

Question 8 Photo

Who said ‘How can you hope to know just where you are?” unless you “Gimme Dat Ding”?

  • The Pipkins
  • The Cadets
  • Ivy Three
  • The Fools

Question 9 Photo

Who doesn’t like “Spiders and Snakes”?

  • Jim Stratford
  • Jim Stafford
  • Jim Salford
  • Jim Sheffield

Question 10 Photo

Who wanted a “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.” because his ‘D.O.G.’ and ‘W.I.F.E.’ ganged up against him in a parody of the Tammy Wynette hit?

  • Jasper Carrot
  • Joe Brown
  • Jim Davidson
  • Billy Connolly