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Moon Madness Quiz

Facts and figures about our moon - some of which you will not have learned in school. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The first manned lunar orbiting mission of the moon took place in 1968, but which of the Apollo spacecraft series was the first to do so?

  • Apollo 7
  • Apollo 6
  • Apollo 8
  • Apollo 10

Question 2 Photo

This unusual object was photographed flying across the lunar landscape during the Apollo 17 mission. Which two astronauts were examining their surroundings at the time of the incident?

  • Cernan and Schmitt
  • Conrad and Bean
  • Shepard and Mitchell
  • Scott and Irwin

Question 3 Photo

What is the minimum/maximum surface temperature of the Moon?

  • -323/210°C
  • -179/100°C
  • -233/123°C
  • -200/114°C

Question 4 Photo

This huge structure was photographed by the Soviet Union's spacecraft Zond 3 on a flyby mission of the Moon. What name was given to the structure?

  • The "Eifel Anomaly"
  • The "Far Side Pinacle"
  • The "Needle"
  • The "Tower of Babel"

Question 5 Photo

This image depicts which of the Apollo moon missions?

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth

Question 6 Photo

How large is our moon in comparison to others in the Solar System?

  • Fifth largest
  • Tenth largest
  • Third largest
  • Seventh largest.

Question 7 Photo

In what national newspaper of the time did this image of the mile high "Shard" - captured by the Lunar Orbiter on the dark side of the Moon - first headline?

  • The Telegraph
  • The Guardian
  • The Mirror
  • News of the World

Question 8 Photo

At what rate is the Moon moving away from the Earth each year?

  • 4.7cm
  • 3.9cm
  • 2.5cm
  • 1.6cm

Question 9 Photo

Which Lunar Orbiter captured this anomalous evidence whilst surveying the Moon for landing sites?

  • Lunar Orbiter II
  • Lunar Orbiter IV
  • Lunar Orbiter III
  • Lunar Orbiter I

Question 10 Photo

Finally, a "gibbous moon" refers to what?

  • A fully illuminated moon
  • A half illluminate moon
  • A more than half, but less than fully illuminated moon
  • A less than quarter illuminated moon