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Doctor Who Quiz

A quiz about the hit sci- fi series! 20 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In which year was Doctor Who first seen on our screens?

  • 1963
  • 1964
  • 1965
  • 1966

Question 2 Photo

Which actor played The Doctor for the longest time?

  • Patrick Troughton
  • Jon Pertwee
  • Tom Baker
  • Peter Davison

Question 3 Photo

True or false? There is an enemy who has encountered every Doctor.

Type in the correct answer

Question 4 Photo

Before it was ravished by war, what 3 races were the main inhabitants of Skaro?

  • Tals, Thals and Kaleds
  • Dals, Thals and Kaleds
  • Hals, Thals and Kaleds
  • Bals, Thals and Kaleds

Question 5 Photo

Which robo form was the host of The Weakest Link on Satellite 5, who executed contestants by disintegrating if they were eliminated?

  • Anne The Droid
  • Annie
  • Anne Droid
  • Anne Robinson Mark II

Question 6 Photo

However, the Anne Droid was killed by which mortal enemy of The Doctor?

  • A Sontaran
  • The Master
  • A Cyberman
  • A Dalek

Question 7 Photo

Which horror movie actor played the Doctor in two colour remakes of first two episodes to feature the Daleks?

  • Peter Cushing
  • Vincent Price
  • Christopher Lee
  • Bela Lugosi

Question 8 Photo

Peter Cushing featured in two Dalek movies, and a third movie was rumored, a remake of the third Dalek episode The Chase. What was it rumored to be called? (Sorry about the picture).

  • The Third Dalek Movie
  • The Dodechahedronal Monsters
  • Daleks vs Mechons
  • The Elevated City

Question 9 Photo

In "The Shakespeare Code", what was the name of the race of witches that tried to take over Earth?

  • Carrionites
  • Tarrionites
  • Spellbounds
  • Graske

Question 10 Photo

When Donna Noble first met The Doctor, what did she keep calling him?

  • Justin Bieber
  • A Dalek
  • Santa
  • A Martian

Question 11 Photo

In the film "The Five Doctors" what was the name of the actor who played William Hartnell?

  • Richard Peterson
  • Richard Hurndall
  • Richard Fitzgerald
  • Richard Davis

Question 12 Photo

Put these enemies in order of when they first appeared on Doctor Who, starting with the earliest.

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  • The Master
  • Daleks
  • The Autons/ The Nestene Consciousness
  • Cybermen

Question 13 Photo

Put these actors in the order they played The Doctor, starting with the earliest.

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  • Colin Baker
  • Matt Smith
  • Paul McGann
  • Jon Pertwee

Question 14 Photo

All of the actors who have played The Doctor to have died have died of a similar cause. What was the cause?

  • Problems with the lungs
  • Problems with the heart
  • Problems with the kidneys
  • Problems with the bladder

Question 15 Photo

What is the name of the enemy pictured?

  • Cyber- rodent
  • Cybermouse
  • Cybermat
  • Cyberman Mark II

Question 16 Photo

The Doctor has a grand- daughter named Susan. In the Doctor Who episode "The Dalek Invasion of Earth", what planet did he deliberately leave her on?

  • Earth
  • Skaro
  • Mars
  • Venus

Question 17 Photo

Which Doctor was credited with inventing the Sonic Screwdriver?

  • The 4th
  • The 3rd
  • The 2nd
  • The 1st

Question 18 Photo

Which of these authors has the Doctor never met?

  • William Shakespeare
  • Charles Dickins
  • Anthony Horowitz
  • -------------------------------

Question 19 Photo

Which of these people has the 10th Doctor never met?

  • Agatha Christie
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • William Shakespeare

Question 20 Photo

Finally, put these Doctor Who episodes in order of when they were first shown, starting with the earliest.

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  • The Krotons
  • Meglos
  • The Chase
  • Spearhead From Space