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A Tounge in Cheek Quiz.

Lets have a giggle. 8 Questions.

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How many men does it take to change a light bulb?

  • one
  • just leave it for someone else to do
  • none, it's womens work
  • 2: one to fall off the ladder and the other to laugh at him


Who suffers from PMT?

  • women
  • Grand mothers
  • men
  • Women have it, men suffer from it


What is fore play to a man?

  • A bad golf shot
  • A required chore
  • a womens thing
  • a waste of telly time


What is fore play to a woman?

  • Making him do the dishes, the lawn, the bins and dust
  • Getting her own back from the other time
  • Dominance
  • Something imposed once the ring is on


A husband and wife were in the pub, drinks before them. The man suddenly blurts out "I love you". Why?

  • He was appreciating her company in the pub
  • He wanted to go and play darts with his mates
  • He was thinking aloud whilst looking at the barmaid
  • He was talking to the beer


Why don't men ask for directions?

  • They can't be bothered to listen to the answer
  • If told the route, they would go their own way anyway
  • They might accidentally stop and ask a woman
  • They didn't want to go to the party in the first place


Why do women love shoes and bags so much ?

  • To match every outfit and occasion
  • They are strange chaps
  • To reflect their mood at any given time
  • To ensure they have everything with them


Why can't men multi task?

  • They are too lazy
  • They think about sex to much to concentrate on two things
  • It's easier to leave the other task to others
  • To play dumb so the woman does it