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British Prime Ministers Quiz...

Identify the British Prime Minister from the picture and clues. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Regarded as the first PM in the modern sense, he was criticised for Great Britain's performance in the War of Jenkins' Ear. Who is he?

  • Thomas Pelham Holles
  • Sir Robert Walpole
  • Spencer Compton
  • Henry Pelham

Question 2 Photo

Appointed under George III, this was the first Scottish, and Tory, PM. Resigned in 1763 after fierce criticism of concessions made in the Treaty of Paris which ended the Seven Years War. He is?

  • John Stuart
  • Charles Watson-Wentworth
  • William Pitt the Elder
  • Frederick North

Question 3 Photo

The first real Imperialist, this more familiar PM was credited with the birth of the British Empire. He held office from 1766-1768 and was the 1st Earl of Chatham. His name?

  • William Pitt the Younger
  • William Pitt the Elder
  • Frederick North
  • William Cavendish-Bentinck

Question 4 Photo

The youngest PM who held office from 1783-1801, and 1804 until his death in 1806. He was a relative of the answer of the last question - that's two answers correct answers you have! His name is.....?

  • William Cavendish-Bentinck
  • Henry Addington
  • William Pitt the Younger
  • Augustus FitzRoy

Question 5 Photo

This Prime Minister, MP for Northampton, who held the post from 1809-1821 has the distinction of being the only Prime Minister to have been assassinated. He was?

  • William Pitt the Younger
  • William Wyndham Grenville
  • Henry Addington
  • Spencer Perceval

Question 6 Photo

Now the first Irish PM, who fought a duel over the Catholic Emancipation Bill. He is better known by his title - the 1st Duke of Wellington! His name is....?

  • Arthur Wellesley
  • George Canning
  • Frederick John Robinson
  • Robert Banks Jenkinson

Question 7 Photo

The first PM appointed under William IV, he was responsible for the Reform Act of 1832. He had a popular tea variety named after him, possibly another give-away clue! What is his name?

  • Arthur Wellesley
  • Sir Robert Peel
  • Charles Grey
  • William Lamb

Question 8 Photo

This PM held office from December 1834 until April 1835. He helped create the modern concept of the police force, which gave rise to the name 'bobbies' His name, as if you did not know, is?

  • WIlliam Lamb
  • Sir Robert Peel
  • Arthur Wellesley
  • Charles Grey

Question 9 Photo

This Prime Minister took office in February 1858, and to dissolve Parliament on 1st December as the Tories had no majority. He is?

  • Edward Smith-Stanley
  • Lord John Russell
  • Henry John Temple
  • Benjamin Disraeli

Question 10 Photo

And finally - this PM, who was MP for Midlothian, held no less than 4 separate terms of office under Queen Victoria. His name is given to a type of bag - he is?

  • William Ewart Gladstone
  • Arthur Balfour
  • Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
  • Herbert Henry Asquith