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Saw Movie Series 1-7 Quiz

Do you have the will to survive, or will it be GAME OVER? How much do you know about the "SAW" movies? 15 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is the name of the tricycle riding puppet used by Jigsaw Killer to communicate with his victims?

  • Jigsaw
  • Gidion
  • Billy
  • It has no name

Question 2 Photo

What is the title of the "SAW" Theme Song?

  • Game Over
  • Hello Zepp
  • Jigsaw's Overchure
  • Follow the Rules

Question 3 Photo

The original "SAW" was filmed in ____ days.

  • 23 Days
  • 12 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 18 Days

Question 4 Photo

In the first "SAW" movie where were Adam and Lawrence originally going to be trapped ?

  • Jail Cell
  • A Bathroom
  • An Elevator
  • An Attic

Question 5 Photo

Contrary to the majority of popular horror films, what did all the victims who died in the original movie have in common?

  • They all Committed Suicide Before the Traps Could Kill Them
  • They were all Caucasians (White)
  • They were all Related
  • They were all Men

Question 6 Photo

Which "SAW" Movie was the only one "NOT" filmed in Toronto, Canada?

  • SAW
  • SAW V
  • SAW VI

Question 7 Photo

In "SAW II", How many syringes were used to complete the needle pit sequence?

  • 1,000,000 Syringes
  • 120,000 Syringes
  • 500,000 Syringes
  • 175,000 Syringes

Question 8 Photo

"SAW III" was the first in the series to introduce what?

  • Multiple Killers
  • No Survivers
  • Nudity
  • Real Cadavers

Question 9 Photo

"SAW IV" is the first in the series to "NOT" feature what iconic symbol of the franchise?

  • A Voice Message
  • The Infamous Bathroom
  • The Tricycle Ridding Puppet
  • The Reveal of Jigsaw's Accomplice

Question 10 Photo

"SAW IV" is also the first installment of the franchise which does "NOT"...What?

  • Open with a Character in a Trap
  • Feature Jigsaw
  • End with the Quote "Game Over"
  • Show the "Pig Mask"

Question 11 Photo

In "SAW V" which horror author was the inspiration for one of the main storyline traps?

  • Anne Rice
  • Stephen King
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Dean Koontz

Question 12 Photo

"SAW V" is the first installment of the franchise which does "NOT"...What?

  • End with the Quote "Game Over"
  • Open with a Character in a Trap
  • Reveal Jigsaws Accomplice
  • Feature The Tricycle Ridding Puppet

Question 13 Photo

"SAW VI" was the first in the series to use...What?

  • All of the Previous Traps
  • An Unsurvivable Trap
  • Digital Timers on Body-Worn Traps
  • A Child Test Subject

Question 14 Photo

"SAW 3D" is the only movie in the franchise in which...What?

  • Tobin Bell (A.K.A. Jigsaw) was not in the film
  • Everyone Died
  • A Trap Occurs Outside, in Broad Daylight
  • A Previously Featured Trap was used

Question 15 Photo

Who was Jigsaw's "FIRST" victim?

  • Zep Hindle
  • Amanda Young
  • Cecil Adams
  • Gidion Kramer