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A Million Pound Drop Themed Quiz

A quiz with 10 questions. Pretend you start with 1 million pounds. Every answer you get wrong, lose £100,000, for right answers keep your money! 8 Questions.

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Start with £1 million. "Okay, contestants, lets play. Question 1. Which of the following authors only wrote 1 book?"

  • Jeff Kinney
  • Anna Sewell
  • SF. Said
  • Mitchell Symmons

Question 2 Photo

"Question 2. What sport is the man picture doing?"

  • Beach boarding
  • Beach roller blading
  • Mountain roller blading
  • Mountain boarding


"This is question 3. Okay, here it comes. Ben And Jerry's ice cream give their waste to..?"

  • The burn all their waste, they don't give it to anyone
  • Energy stations
  • Local farms
  • Operation Christmas Aid


"Question 4. What does ignoble mean?"

  • Someone who isn't noble
  • Someone who is ignorant to the facts they're noble
  • Someone is ignorant and noble
  • The opposite of someone who is ignorant


"Halfway there. You get an easy one for this memorable occasion. Which of these is a brand of mobile phone?"

  • Blueberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Blackberry
  • Raspberry

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"The sixth question. What is the animal pictured?"

  • Nubian girrafe
  • Kordofan giraffe
  • Maasai giraffe
  • Rothschild giraffe

Question 7 Photo

"Question 7. Which country's flag is pictured?"

  • Libya
  • Rwanda
  • Cameroon
  • Trinidad & Tobago


"Final question. Which common children's toy means "play well" in Danish, and is used to build structures?" (Must use a capital letter at the beginning of the word).

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