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France - First Republic and Empire Quiz

A quiz on France through the Revolution to the fall of Napoleon. 20 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who was King of France when the Revolution began?

  • Louis XIV
  • Louis XVI
  • Louis XVIII
  • Charles X

Question 2 Photo

Who became most closely identified as the leader of the Revolution?

  • Marat
  • Dante
  • Robespierre
  • Napoleon

Question 3 Photo

What was the name of the executive body that effectively governed France in the early stages of the Revolution?

  • The Committee of Public Safety
  • The Committee of Public Works
  • The Estates General
  • The Consulate

Question 4 Photo

What was the main tool used to execute anti-Revolutionaries?

  • Hanging
  • Electric chair
  • Firing squad
  • Guillotine

Question 5 Photo

What was the name given to the process by which the Revolution was forced upon France?

  • The Terror
  • The Directorate
  • The Enlightenment
  • The Renaissance

Question 6 Photo

How is Napoleon supposed to have described how he saved the Revolution before he took part in its replacement?

  • The reign of terror
  • A blast of a blunderbuss
  • A whiff of grapeshot
  • The reinforcement

Question 7 Photo

When Napoleon first came to political power, what title did he have?

  • The President of France
  • The First Consul
  • The Executive Director
  • The Emperor of the French

Question 8 Photo

What system did Napoleon introduce to France which is now used across Europe and most of the world?

  • The metric system
  • The agricultural system
  • The imperial system
  • The corporate sytem

Question 9 Photo

Which battle, in which Napoleon defeated Austrian and Russian forces, did Napoleon describe as: "The finest of all I have fought"?

  • Trafalgar
  • Waterloo
  • Austerlitz
  • Paris

Question 10 Photo

Who annointed Napoleon as Emperor of the French?

  • Pope Pius VII
  • The archbishop of Reims
  • Charlemagne
  • Louis XVIII

Question 11 Photo

At which battle did Nelson ensure Napoleon would not be able to invade Britain?

  • Malta
  • Austerlitz
  • Aix-la-Chappelle
  • Trafalgar

Question 12 Photo

Who was Napoleon's Empress?

  • Josephine
  • Catherine the Great
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Joan of Arc

Question 13 Photo

What was the name given to the wars that saw Napoleon lose control of Spain and Portugal?

  • The Iberian War
  • The War of the Spanish Succession
  • The Peninsular War
  • The Spanish Revolution

Question 14 Photo

What was the name of the system by which Napoleon sought to prevent Britain trading with Europe during the Napoleonic Wars?

  • The Blockade
  • The Continental System
  • The Congress of Powers
  • The League of Nations

Question 15 Photo

Napoleon went to war with Russia in 1812. What was the major reason for his defeat in that campaign?

  • The Battle of Borodino
  • The Czar Alexander
  • Loses at Trafalgar
  • The effects on his army of the Russian winter

Question 16 Photo

After he was initially defeated, to which island was Napoleon first exiled?

  • Corsica
  • Malta
  • Elba
  • Saint Helena

Question 17 Photo

What was the period between Napoleon's first exile and his return to France called?

  • The Hundred Days
  • The Interregnum
  • The Peace of Amiens
  • The Interruption

Question 18 Photo

What was the name of the Prussian general whose late arrival at the Battle of Waterloo signalled Napoleon's final defeat?

  • Bismarck
  • Marlborough
  • Blucher
  • Wellesley

Question 19 Photo

What did the autopsy on Napoleon's body give as the cause of death?

  • Arsenic poisoning
  • Influenza
  • Stomach cancer
  • Gunshot wounds

Question 20 Photo

Who replaced Napoleon as ruler of France?

  • Louis XVIII
  • Charles X
  • Napoleon III
  • Louis Philippe I