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Useless Inventions Quiz

What are, or for what purpose, are these weird inventions developed? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What cost £19.95, have anti-fog lenses, 100 per cent UV protection and are apparently the latest in dog wear?

  • Foggles
  • Doggles
  • Toggles
  • Woggles

Question 2 Photo

From what is this holder designed to protect the cigarette?

  • Drying in the sun
  • Burning too fast in the wind
  • Ciggy-grabbing anti-smokers
  • Getting soggy in the rain

Question 3 Photo

For what might these slippers be used?

  • Swatting cock roaches
  • Straining grape juice
  • Sieving dust
  • Protecting floor surface

Question 4 Photo

What is the idea behind this snazzy romper suit?

  • Cushions babies hands and knees
  • Cushions falling babies
  • Baby polishes the floor
  • Keeps babyies hands and feet warm on cold floors

Question 5 Photo

For what might this “Swiss Army” idea be used?

  • Eating
  • Dressmaking
  • Camping
  • Gardening

Question 6 Photo

What was invented for those too idle to twist their wrist?

  • Electric ball and cup game
  • Electric ice-cream cone turner
  • Electric cricket ball polisher
  • Electric tennis ball server

Question 7 Photo

What does this contraption achieve?

  • Stops avocados getting warm in fridge
  • Stops avocados getting cold in fridge
  • Stops avocados turning brown in fridge
  • Stops avocados drying out in fridge

Question 8 Photo

For what, at just £10.00 each, is the Shower Foot Rest designed?

  • Shaving legs
  • Clipping toe nails
  • Drying between toe nails
  • Trimming corns

Question 9 Photo

What does EVERYBODY need after a bath?

  • Nose-hair clipper
  • Blow dry the ears
  • Blow dry between toes
  • Belly-button cleaner

Question 10 Photo

Of what material is this expensive and delicate Triumph Bra constructed?

  • Cast Iron
  • Plastic
  • Starched Silk
  • Glass