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Do you know One Direction's songs well? - Quiz

This is a quiz to see if you know "One direction's song" 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What song starts with this lyrics "Circles, we going in circles Dizzy all it makes us We know where it takes us we've been before" by "One direction"?

  • One Thing
  • More Than This
  • Same Mistakes
  • Na Na Na

Question 2 Photo

What is the first line of the song "One Thing" that "One direction" wrote?

  • Shot me out of the Sky
  • I've Tried Playing it cool
  • Something’s Gotta give now
  • Now I'm Climbing the Walls

Question 3 Photo

Which song starts with this line?"I'm broken Do you hear me"from "One direction"?

  • More Than This
  • Save you Tonight
  • Moments
  • Na Na Na

Question 4 Photo

What is "One direction's" "first song"?

  • Up all Night
  • More Than This
  • Gotta be you
  • What Makes you Beautiful

Question 5 Photo

What is the "One direction" album "called" and it is a song?

  • Up all Night
  • I Wish
  • Taken
  • Stand Up

Question 6 Photo

What song starts like this?"From the moment I met you everything changed I knew I had to get you whatever the pain"from "One direction"

  • I Wish
  • Save you Tonight
  • Stand Up
  • One thing

Question 7 Photo

How does the song from "One direction" "Moments" starts?

  • You've Got that one Thing
  • Shut the door Turn the light off
  • Get out Get out Get out of my Head
  • Everyone Else in The room Can see it

Question 8 Photo

How does "Tell Me a Lie" starts like from "One direction"?

  • The light shines It's getting hot on my shoulders
  • Give you this, give you that Blow a kiss
  • You know I've always got your back, girl
  • Can't ever get it right No matter how hard I try