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Lyrics from 1965 Quiz

Find the missing word from these hit songs of 1965 8 Questions.

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Elvis Presley's first line is:"You saw me ******** in the chapel". What word is missing?

  • Praying
  • Crying
  • Laughing
  • Sleeping


Lovin' Spoonful asked us :"Do you believe in *******". What?

  • Me
  • God
  • Miracles
  • Magic


What mode of transport did Gerry and the Pacemakers sing about?

  • Planes and boats and trains
  • Last train to Clarksville
  • Ferry 'cross the Mersey
  • Bicyclette de Belsize


Herman's Hermits sang "I'm Henry the VIIIth, I am", who got married to the widow next door. How many times had she been married before?

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8


In Roger Miller's "King of the Road", how much are the rooms to let?

  • 2 bits
  • 50 cents
  • Dollar and a half
  • Work your way


Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs sang "Wooly Bully". The first line is '**** told ***** about a thing she saw'.What 2 names are missing?

  • Matty and Hatty
  • Jilly and Willy
  • Jessie and Bessie
  • Molly and Solly


In The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction", the man on the TV can't be a man because ******. What reason?

  • he don't drive the same car as me
  • he don't smoke the same cigarettes as me
  • he don't love the same women as me
  • he don't read the same books as me


Herman's Hermits told a lady she had a lovely daughter. What was the lady's name?

  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Brown
  • Mrs White
  • Mrs Jones