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Arthurian Legend Quiz

A short quiz on one of the most famous stories of all time. 15 Questions.

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Uther Pendragon sought Igraine as his paramour, but she was already married to another man. Who?

  • Sir Ulfius, one of Uther's most trusted knights
  • Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall
  • Lot, King of Orkney and the Lothians
  • Claudas, King of Gaul


Igraine's children all went their seperate ways after the birth of Arthur. What happened to each of them?

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  • Morgause
  • Elaine
  • Morgan
  • Arthur


  • Was sent to a convent
  • Was married off to King Nentres
  • Was taken away by Merlin and given to Sir Ector
  • Was married off to King Lot


Many of the Barons were discontented with Arthur being the one to pull the sword from the stone at Christmas. At which festival was he forced by them to attempt the feat again?

  • Twelfth night
  • Candlemass
  • Easter
  • All of the above


What name is shared by Lancelot's mother, Arthur's sister and Galahad's mother?

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Early on in Arthur's reign, Sir Balin accidentally killed his brother with a magic sword. Who later inherited this sword?

  • Arthur
  • Gawain
  • Galahad
  • Bedivere


In both the Prose Tristan and Malory's 'Morte D'Arthur' there is a particular Knight of the Round Table who satirises chivalry by scorning love and refusing to fight losing battles. Who is he?

  • Sir Mordred
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Dinadan
  • Sir Lamorak


In the Mabinogion story 'Rhonabwy's dream' which game do Arthur and Owain play whilst their men are fighting?

  • Chess
  • Billiards
  • Gwyddbwyll
  • Skittles


Which of these men was not one of Sir Tristan's rivals in love?

  • Sir Bleoberys
  • Sir Palomides
  • Sir Segwarides
  • Sir Marholt


Which of these knights was murdered by Gawain, Agravaine, Gaheris and Mordred after he was found having an affair with their mother?

  • Sir Lamorak
  • Sir Owain
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Tor


Place these knights in order of greatness, from best to fourth best in Christendom.

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  • Sir Tristan
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Sir Lamorak
  • Sir Gareth


In the welsh story 'The Lady of the Fountain' and Chretien de Troyes' 'Sir Yvain' who is Yvain/Owain's helper in wooing his lady?

  • His sister Morfydd
  • His cousin Gwalchmai/Gawain
  • The lady's gentlewoman, Lunette
  • His fellow knight Cei/Kay


In the tale of Sir Gareth, what name is given to the title character by Sir Kay?

  • Beaufort
  • Beauchamp
  • La Cote Male Tayle
  • Beaumains


In the 'Morte D'Arthur' and French prose tradition, who was the mother of Mordred?

  • Morgan le Fay
  • Morgause, Queen of Orkney
  • Elaine of Tintagel
  • Modron, a Celtic goddess


Who does Lancelot kill in his rescue of Guenevere from the stake, causing his old friend Gawain to swear vengeance upon him?

  • Gawain's brother Agravaine
  • Gawain's brothers Gareth and Gaheris
  • Gawain's cousin Owain
  • Gawain's sons


Some time after Arthur is taken away to Avalon after the battle of Camlann, Sir Bedivere finds what near Glastonbury?

  • A raven, which a local prevents him from killing, claiming it is Arthur's spirit
  • Arthur's sword Excalibur lying on an unmarked grave
  • A ring that Arthur had once given Guenevere, who later gave it to Lancelot as a token of her love
  • A tomb bearing the latin inscription 'Hic lacet Arthurus. Rex Quondam, Rexque futurus.'