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Sci-Fi On TV Quiz

10 questions on past and present sci-fi serials. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Ray Walston played which character in the American sci-fi series of 'My favourite Martian'?

  • Uncle BIxby
  • Uncle Martin
  • Uncle Clatu
  • Uncle Marvin

Question 2 Photo

From which 1960s sci-fi series is this photo taken?

  • 'Dark Skies'
  • 'The Andromeda Strain'
  • 'The Champions'
  • 'The Time Tunnel'

Question 3 Photo

These creatures appeared in an early series of 'Dr. Who', but what were they called?

  • The Zarbies
  • The Mandibites
  • The Lepidoptera
  • The Aphids

Question 4 Photo

Discounting the original, how many TV spin off serials have been made from 'Star Trek'?

  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven

Question 5 Photo

In the sci-fi series of 'The Champions' the law enforcement agency 'Nemesis' was set in which Swiss city?

  • Zurich
  • Bern
  • Geneva
  • Lucerne

Question 6 Photo

In the 1970s series of 'The Tomorrow People' what was the name of the "biotronic" computer which was capable of original thought?

  • TIM
  • ROM
  • SAM
  • ARC

Question 7 Photo

What was the tagline of the sci-fi series 'Dark Skies'?

  • "Dark skies. Dark times."
  • "We are not alone."
  • "They are among us."
  • "History as we know it is a lie"

Question 8 Photo

By what name was the space ship in the 1960s childrens TV series 'Space Patrol' known?

  • Nebulon 4
  • Eridanus 12
  • Galasphere 347
  • Jupiter 901

Question 9 Photo

In the sci-fi series of 'Stargate SG1' which actor played the role of Teal'c?

  • Christoper Judge
  • Don S Davies
  • Corin Nemec
  • Ben Browder

Question 10 Photo

Who sang the closing theme song, which became a minor it in Britain, for the 1960s childrens' TV series of Fireball XL5?

  • Gerry Anderson
  • Paul Maxwell
  • Barry Gray
  • Don Spencer