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Urban Legends Quiz

Do you believe the rumours? 12 Questions.

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Apparently student accommodation at several UK universities was based on the design of what?

  • A Swedish prison
  • A 19th century insane asylum
  • a girls' boarding school


According to legend, how long does it take for chewing gum to pass through your digestive tract if you accidentally swallow it?

  • 10 years
  • 3 years
  • 7 years


Charlie Chaplin apparently once lost what kind of competition?

  • a Charlie Chaplin lookalike competition
  • a drinking competition with Clark Gable
  • an acting competition as a child


What is the supposed reason that airlines don't let heavily pregnant women fly?

  • They don't fit in the small seats
  • Insurance is too costly for the airline
  • A baby born on a flight gets free air travel for life


The Titanic apparently sunk because its hold contained which cursed item?

  • The body of a young woman who'd killed herself
  • A cursed necklace being returned to New York
  • a cursed Egyptian mummy


In an early Disney film, Donald Duck apparently uses what kind of insult against Daffy Duck?

  • Donald calls Daffy a retard
  • A term of racial abuse
  • He implies Daffy is the product of incest


According to baseless rumour, what happened to the body of Walt Disney after his death?

  • It was buried beneath Space Mountain.
  • It disappeared, and still no-one knows where it is.
  • His head was cryonically frozen.


What negative effect can owning a wallet made of eelskin apparently have?

  • It can demagnetize your credit cards
  • It can give you a small shock if you step on metal
  • If it rains, the wallet soaks up water & won't dry


A penny supposedly has the impressive power to do what?

  • Derail a train if left on the tracks
  • Poison a Coke if you put it at the bottom of a can
  • Grow a deadly bacteria if it gets milk on it


If you place two active mobile phones next to each other, what can they supposedly do?

  • Cause a disruption to each other's signal
  • Cook an egg
  • One will eventually wipe the other's Sim Card


Santa's jolly red outfit was supposedly designed to match which corporate logo?

  • McDonald's
  • Coca Cola's
  • KFC's


It's commonly believed that the government will be forced to recognize which new "religion" if enough people say it's theirs on a census?

  • Klingon
  • Trekkie
  • Jedi