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Anagrams of Beatles Album Titles Quiz

Work out the Beatles album title from the anagram given. This is a tap-in quiz with no time limit, and spelt correctly! 8 Questions.

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The anagram is 'slow burly meanie'........what is the album? There is actually a clue in the anagram too!

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The next anagram is 'else appeal seem' - this is one of the early albums.

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And next we have the anagram 'suburb role'. This album is from 1965.

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Question 4 Photo

'adore baby' is the next anagram, but what 1969 album is it?

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Question 5 Photo

And the next anagram is 'the able set'. This is the only double album they released, and is commonly known by another name.

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Question 6 Photo

Getting there! Now we have the anagram 'tolerable safes'. This album is from 1964.

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Question 7 Photo

'a shady grand hit' is the next anagram. The album is from the same year as the last one, 1964. (I have omitted an apostrophe from the third word to avoid confusion).

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Question 8 Photo

And now the last anagram - 'asymmetrical yogurt'. This an album from 1967 and contains the song 'All You Need Is Love'.

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