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Yet another Twilight Quiz

Movie Trivia 30 Questions.

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Which actress plays the part of Bella Swan in Twilight?

  • Christina Ricci
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Lindsay Lohan


In Twilight, who are the first four cullens to appear in the cafeteria scene in exact order?

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  • Rosalie
  • Emmett
  • Alice
  • Jasper


Name the significant other of each cullen from the movie Twilight.

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  • Carlise
  • Alice
  • Rosalie
  • Edward


  • Esme
  • Bella
  • Emett
  • Jasper


In Twilight, what is the name of James' girlfriend?

  • Jessica
  • Bella
  • Victoria


In Twilight, what high position does Bella's father hold in the city of Forks?

  • Mayor
  • Cheif of Police
  • Sheriff


In Which year was Edward, the Twilight character, turned into a vampire?

  • 1919
  • 1987
  • 2000


In Twilight, which disease did Carlise save Edward from?

  • Malaria
  • Spanish Influenza
  • Scarlet Fever


In Twilight, what promise did Carlise make to Edward's mother as she lay dying in hospital?

  • To save Edward
  • To adopt Edward
  • To cremate her, not burry her


In Twilight, why is Rosalie angry with Bella in eclipse?

  • She would never choose the immortal life, yet Bella throws her human life away
  • Because Rosalie wants Edward for herself
  • Because Bella is becoming so close to the Cullen family


In Twilight: the Midnight Sun, when Rosalie first sees Edward's obsession with Bella, why is she mad at him?

  • Because he chose to impicate the whole family by falling for a mortal
  • She never could sway Edward to love her with all her beauty and yet he finds Bella prettier than her.
  • Because Bella is a blood sucking vampire


Match the parents to their children from the movie Twilight.

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  • Carlise
  • Charlie Swan
  • Billy Black
  • Harry Clearwater


  • Jacob, Rachel
  • Bella
  • Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, and Edward
  • Seth


Order these events as they happen in the movie, Twilight.

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  • Bella asks Jacob if he wants to ride to school together
  • Bella moves to Forks
  • Bella's mother decides to travel with her new husband, Phil
  • Bella gets a new truck from her father as a present


In Twilight, who did the ring Edward give Bella for their engagment belong too?

  • Bella's Mother
  • Edward's Mother
  • Not specified other than it was a family heirloom passed down in Edward's family


What car is bella driving in the first chapter of Twilight: Breaking Dawn?

  • Volvo station wagon
  • Mercedes Gaurdian
  • BMW


In Twilight: Breaking Dawn, why are the two men at the gas station so surprised by the make and model of Bella's car?

  • It's not availiable in America yet
  • It's not common for someone in such a small town to own one
  • Both A and B are correct


In Twilight, what is the blonde vampire's name?

  • Alice
  • Esme
  • Rosalie


Why does Jasper, in Twilight, always look like he is in pain?

  • He suffers from a very painful disease
  • He is the newest
  • He is constantly hurting himself


In Twilight, what is Bella's number one goal after she realizes she is in love with Edward?

  • To marry Edward
  • To become a vampire at all costs
  • To go to college to provide a wealthy lifestyle for her and Edward


In Twilight, why is Edward so reluctant to make Bella a vampire?

  • He doesnt know if he can stop drinking her blood, and therefore killing her
  • There are so many human things she has not experienced
  • Because he plans to become human again


In Twilight, who were Jaspers close friends before he came to live with the Cullens?

  • Edward and Emmett
  • Peter and Charlotte
  • Alice and Bella


In Twilight, why does Edward dislike Bella the first day in their biology class?

  • Because the scent of her blood was more appealing than anything he had ever smelled
  • Because she was rude to him
  • Because he cannot read her mind


In Twilight, what are Edward's two supernatural abilites?

  • Mind reading and, he is extraordinarily faster than the other vampires
  • Seeing the future and X-ray vision
  • Controlling emotion in the room and throwing fire balls


In Twilight, what is Alices supernatural gift?

  • Seeing the future
  • Controling the emotion in the room
  • Throwing lightening bolts


What is so unique about Alices' gift in the movie, Twilight?

  • It is never right
  • It only works based on the persons decisions
  • It is always right


What is Emmett's gift in the movie, Twilight?

  • Incredible strength
  • Controlling the weather
  • A special sheild that protects everyone around him


What is Jasper's supernatural ability in Twilight?

  • He can teleport anywhere
  • He can become invisible
  • Controlling emotions


Name the role of each family member in realation to Edward from Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

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  • Alice
  • Rosalie
  • Emmett
  • Bella


  • Wife
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Sister


Name the characters as they appear in the movie, Twilight.

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  • Renee
  • Charlie
  • Phil
  • Bella


What is the name of Bella's mother in Twilight?

  • Sue
  • Esme
  • Renee


Order the Cullens as they were turned by Carlise in Twilight.

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  • Edward
  • Emmett
  • Rosalie
  • Esme