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An American History Quiz

All the interesting bits about America and its short history 20 Questions.

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Where did the new settlers land in the now USA?

  • Virginia
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Florida


What was the majority religion called worshipped by the settlers of the USA?

  • Puritan
  • Quaker
  • Mormon
  • Jehovas witness


What was the main purpose for traveling to the new world?

  • More land
  • Gold
  • Exhile
  • Holiday


Why did the colonists want independence?

  • Money
  • Wanted their own government
  • To escape paying taxes
  • Hated the English


What happened in Salem to have produced mass hysteria, murder and corruption?

  • Theft of a child
  • Corrupted jury
  • The accusation of witchcraft
  • Murder of a wealthy landowner


What nation originally colonized the place now know as New York?

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • Dutch


What was New York originally called?

  • New England
  • New Amsterdam
  • New Paris
  • New Madrid


Where was the U.S first capital city?

  • Boston
  • New York
  • Washington dc
  • Phillidelphia


What document does the whole of the U.S live by?

  • Emancipation declaration
  • Constitution
  • Doomsday book
  • Bible


What happened at the battle of Wounded Knee in the USA?

  • Genocide of the natives
  • Picnic spot
  • First settlement
  • First railway was built there


Why were the natives so devastated at the building of Mount Rushmore in the USA?

  • Thought it was not life like
  • They didn't like the view
  • It was built on sacred land which was promised to them
  • They wanted the minerals found within it


What was the reason for the civil war?

  • Both sides unliked each other
  • Money and power
  • To end slavery
  • To get the South to re-join the union


Who was the U.S first president?

  • Jefferson
  • Lincoln
  • Washington
  • Nixon


Who's backs was the country built off?

  • Landowners
  • Black slaves
  • White labourers
  • Women


What was Abraham Lincoln famous for?

  • Ending slavery
  • Watergate
  • First man on the moon
  • President at the ens of WWII


Who aided Lewis and Clarke in the USA?

  • Pochahontas
  • Sacagawea
  • The Iroquois
  • The Inuit


Why was Alcatraz taken over by the red power party?

  • It was a terrorist attack
  • To make a stand, provoke the U.S government after all the broken treaties
  • Meeded somewhere to live
  • Wanted to grow crops


What was Jim Grow?

  • A tv character
  • Segregation laws
  • A slave poem
  • Jefferson's nickname


What percentage was a black slave listed as being worth compared to a white person when the USA practiced slavery?

  • 1
  • 1\4
  • 2
  • 1/2


Why is thanksgiving celebrated?

  • To commemorate the native and pilgrims meal
  • Just an excuse for a day off work
  • Celebrate white supremacy
  • Because the U.S are exemplary