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Great British Comedians Quiz

Britain has a long and rich wealth of comedians. Let's see how much you know about these entertainers with this 15 question quiz. 15 Questions.

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Let’s start with an easy one. Which one of the following comedians is NOT British?

  • Jasper Carrot
  • Frank Carson
  • Jimmy Edwards
  • Mike Yarwood


Scottish actress and impressionist, Ronni Ancona, starred with Alistair McGowan in which comedy show?

  • Big Impression
  • The Likely Lads
  • Dead Ringers
  • Little Britain


In September 2007, French and Saunders’ last series was called what?

  • A Shovel o’ French and Saunders
  • A Bath o’ French and Saunders
  • A Spoonful o’ French and Saunders
  • A Bucket o’ French and Saunders


Bill Oddie appeared in the 70s show, The Goodies. Which other two comedians appeared alongside him?

  • Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden
  • John Cleese and Graham Chapman
  • Marty Feldman and Eric Idle
  • Ted Rogers and George Roper


Which great comedian wrote Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall?

  • Spike Milligan
  • Peter Sellers
  • Harry Secombe
  • Michael Bentine


Kenneth Williams is mostly famous for his extraordinary performances in the Carry On film series but how did he meet his death?

  • Prostate cancer
  • A car crash
  • An overdose of barbiturates
  • A heart attack


Max Wall, the English comedian and actor, appeared in which television series in 1978?

  • Doctor Who
  • All Creatures Great and Small
  • Porridge
  • Coronation Street


What was stolen from Bob Monkhouse’s property back in 1995 but returned to him 18 months later?

  • His Rolls-Royce
  • His books of jokes
  • His pet dog
  • His Rolex watch


The childrens programme, The Wombles, ran for 40 episodes between 1973 and 1975 but who was the narrator?

  • Bernard Cribbins
  • Angus Deayton
  • Eric Morecamble
  • Tommy Trinder


During the 60s, 70s and 80s Des O’Connor was never off the small screen. Which game show did he host between 1992 - 1998?

  • Name That Tune
  • Family Fortunes
  • Take Your Pick
  • The Generation Game


Stanley Baxter became famous and is best-known for a series of sketches called Parliamo Glasgow. What was the nature of these sketches?

  • It was about life in the Gorbals area of Glasgow
  • It was to do with the music hall era of Glasgow in the 50s
  • It took the mickey out of the upper clases in Glasgow
  • It related to the Glaswegian accent


Michael Barrymore has had his fair share of controversy over the years. Now, what was the name of the man found dead in his swimming pool in March 2001?

  • Matthew Lubbock
  • Stuart Lubbock
  • Samuel Lubbock
  • Richard Lubbock


Which comedian used the famous catchphrase, “Hello, My Darlings”?

  • Bruce Forsyth
  • Charlie Drake
  • Jimmy Cricket
  • Tom O'Connor


In which Dennis Potter TV series did Roy Hudd appear as Harold Atterbow?

  • Pennies from Heaven
  • The Singing Detective
  • Blackeyes
  • Lipstick on Your Collar


Whose autobiography was entitled, A Clown too Many?

  • Leslie Phillips
  • Ken Dodd
  • Les Dawson
  • Charlie Williams