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The Battle of the Somme Quiz

A quiz about the 1st Battle of the Somme 1916. 15 Questions.

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Who was the overall British commander of the actual battle?

  • Sir John French
  • Sir Douglas Haig
  • Sir Herbert Plummer
  • Sir William Robertson


Haig is documented not to have favoured a summer offensive on the Somme but the battle was fought there for political reasons. Where did Haig want to launch the summer attack?

  • Cambrai
  • Ypres
  • Loos
  • Arras


What date was the start of the battle?

  • Ist of June 1916
  • 17th of May 1916
  • 21st July 1916
  • 1st of July 1916


The ANZACs are particularly associated with which village on the Somme (now the location of the ANZAC Bar).

  • Montauban
  • Poziers
  • Thiepval
  • High Wood


Where is Sir Edwin Lutyens magnificent Memorial to the Missing situated?

  • Thiepval
  • Albert
  • Bapaume
  • Beaumont Hamel


A series of massive mines under the German front line was exploded on the first day of battle. The largest is now a memorial site. What's it called?

  • High Wood
  • Breacourt
  • Hawthorne Ridge
  • Lochnagar


Tanks were used for the first time in the Battle of the Somme. What were troops told they were for to maintain secrecy?

  • Ammunition carriers
  • Mobile water tanks
  • All terrain ambulances
  • Armoured staff carriers for officers

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The Golden Madonna on Albert’s church was knocked to right angles during shelling - a portentous sight for troops. Legend said whoever knocked it off would lose the war. Who knocked it off?

  • The Germans
  • The French
  • The British
  • The Americans


Which of these Generals never commanded troops on the Somme in 1916?

  • General Sir Herbert Plummer
  • General Sir Hubert Gough
  • General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien
  • General Sir Henry Rawlinson


The Somme wiped out many men from single villages, such as Accrington, by forming friends from the same place into battalions. What were these battalians known as?

  • MATES Battalians
  • CHURCH LADS Battalians
  • CHUM Battalians
  • PALS Battalians


The 34th Division almost ceased to be following the first few days of the battle. From which village did they start from in July 1916?

  • Albert
  • Beaumont Hamel
  • La Boiselle
  • Harcourt


During the battle, Geoffrey Malins was appointed the first ever Official War Office....what?

  • Photographer
  • Artist
  • Kinematographer
  • Poet

Question 13 Photo

The Grieving Caribou memorial of the Newfoundland Regiment now stands at the scene of their greatest losses. Where is that?

  • La Boiselle
  • Beaumont Hamel
  • Hawthorne Ridge
  • Montauban


Which of these was not a fortified wood on the Somme in 1916?

  • Mametz Wood
  • Delville Wood
  • High Wood
  • Hangmans Wood


Who fought with the British at the Somme in 1916?

  • The French
  • The Italians
  • The Japanese
  • The Americans