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World War One Quiz

Simple questions on the first world war 10 Questions.

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Who led the British army in France when war broke out on 4th of August 1914?

  • Sir Douglas Haig
  • Sir John French
  • Sir Elton John
  • Sir Peter Cash


The heir to which throne was killed in Serbia on 28th June 1914? Leading to the outbreak of the war.

  • Prussia
  • Russia
  • Austro-Hungarian
  • Ottoman


What was the name of the German operation that came into play when they invaded neutral Belguim?

  • The Schlieffen Plan
  • The Eagle Plan
  • The Over Run Plan
  • The Hindenberg Plan


What was the battle that finally halted this massive German offensive?

  • Battle of the Somme
  • Battle of Tannenberg
  • Battle of the River Plate
  • Battle of the Marne


What was the name of the huge German railway guns that shelled Paris from over 70 miles away?

  • Big Betty
  • Big Martha
  • Big Bertha
  • Big Molly


During which battle did the Germans first employ poison gas as a weapon?

  • Second Battle of Ypres
  • Battle of Somme
  • Battle of the Marne
  • Battle of Verdun


Which battle began on the 21st of Febuary 1916 and was to become one of the most bloody in history?

  • Battle of Stalingrad
  • Battle of Bosworth
  • Battle of Verdun
  • Battle of Mons


Which battle began on the 1st July 1916, to relieve pressure at Verdun, and itself becoming a 5 month long bloodbath?

  • Battle of the River Plate
  • Battle of Leningrad
  • Battle of Tannenberg
  • Battle of the Somme


What was the name of the German offensive, launched on 21st March 1918? A last ditch attempt to win the war.

  • Stephen Offensive
  • Peter Offensive
  • Michael Offensive
  • David Offensive


And Finally, at what time,day,month and year did the guns fall silent?

  • 10 o'clock 20-4-1917
  • 11 o'clock 11-11-1918
  • 2 o'clock 14-9-1919
  • 4 o'clock 2-2-1918