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The Answer Is In The Lyric Quiz

All questions, can be answered by recalling the lyrics. The timer is extended so you can sing it through in your head. 12 Questions.

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What article of clothing did the papers want to know what Major Tom wore?

  • Shoes
  • Shirts
  • Suits
  • Shorts


Which bird spoke first to Cat Stevens when he penned "Morning has broken"?

  • Sparrow
  • Robin
  • Chaf finch
  • Black Bird


How does Lady Gaga want to hold her cards as they do in certain plays in which Amercan state within the lyrics of "Poker face"?

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When were the glaciers melting in Muses "super magic blackholes"?

  • in the morning sun
  • the dead of night
  • where there were none
  • like the colour of the sun


Where couldn't you plant Elton John in the Yellow Brick Road?

  • Light House
  • Town House
  • Dog House
  • Penthouse


What were the Beatles sitting on whilst waiting for a van from "I am a Walrus"?

  • Tea cup
  • Cornflake
  • Toad stall
  • Cauliflower


What does JLS tell us to do if we are in Love?

  • Put your hands up
  • Clap your hands together
  • Wave your hands at me
  • Give me a high five


"So if you want it right now" make him do what said Madonna?

  • love you right now
  • feel the power
  • show you how
  • express it right now


What sort of hillside did Jeff Beck's girl go down when wearing a hippy hat?

  • lumpy
  • muddy
  • bumpy
  • crumpy


One day like this, Elbow drank in what?

  • a country inn
  • the night times fun
  • the night clubs hum
  • the morning sun


Whilst "Talking to my girl freind, waiting for something to happen", what did Radiohead wish for?

  • the sixties and something to happen
  • was in love with a pile of dreams
  • the sixties and be happy
  • be in a gunboat in a sea of fear


Who did Iron Maiden bring to the slaughter?

  • teacher
  • daughter
  • vicar
  • butcher