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Are you being served? - The movie quiz

10 questions relating to the 'Are you being served?' movie. 10 Questions.

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In the movie 'Are you being served?', where do the Ladies and Gentleman's department go on their holidays?

  • Costa Plonka
  • Africa
  • Hawaii
  • Australia


In the movie 'Are you being served?', Andrew Sachs plays the hotel owner. What other sitcom is he featured in?

  • The Good life
  • Fawlty Towers
  • To the manor born
  • Dinnerladies


In the movie 'Are You Being Served?', the toilet of the hotel doesn't lock from the inside. How do people indicate to others they are in there?

  • They hang a sign on the door
  • They get someone to hold the door
  • They sing
  • They hang toilet paper from the door


In the movie 'Are you being served?', what colour clothes was Mr Humphries wearing at the airport?

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Pink


In the movie 'Are you being served?',when the staff were exchanging notes during dinner, who sent the first note and who was it intended for?

  • Mr Lucas to Miss Brahms
  • Mr Grainger to Mrs Slocombe
  • Mr Humphries to Captain Peacock
  • Mrs Slocombe to Mr Rumbold


In the movie 'Are you being served?', who's passport photo did Cesar, the terrorist, fancy?

  • Miss Brahms
  • Mrs Slocombe
  • Mr Humphries
  • Captain Peacock


In the movie 'Are you being served?', which best describes Mrs Slocombes' underwear which is seen a few times during the movie?

  • A g-string
  • Woollen with fur trim
  • Patterned with the union jack
  • incontinence underwear


In the movie 'Are you being served?', the morning after being chased by Cesar, how was Mr Humphries dressed when he arrived for breakfast?

  • As a policeman
  • As a gorilla
  • As a nun
  • As a nurse


In the movie 'are you being served?', what message did the staff write on the tablecloth?

  • Help! British
  • Save us
  • SOS
  • Mayday


In the last scene of the movie 'Are you being served?', how did Young Mr Grace arrive at the hotel?

  • On a motorbike
  • In an army tank
  • On a camel
  • In a limousine