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On The Buses Quiz

A quiz related to funny sitcom 'On the buses.' 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who plays Stan Butler in 'On the buses?'

  • John Inman
  • Reg Varney
  • Benny Hill
  • Sid James

Question 2 Photo

Who plays Mum in 'On the buses'?

  • Cicely Courtney
  • Yootha Joyce
  • Doris Hare
  • Mollie Sugden

Question 3 Photo

Who plays Olive in 'On the buses'?

  • Wendy Richard
  • Una Stubbs
  • Diana Coupland
  • Anna Karen

Question 4 Photo

Who plays Blakey in 'On the buses'?

  • Frankie Howerd
  • Stephen Lewis
  • David Jason
  • Jack Smethurst

Question 5 Photo

Who plays Arthur in 'On the buses'?

  • Michael Robbins
  • Trevor Bannister
  • Dennis Waterman
  • Geoffrey Palmer

Question 6 Photo

Who plays Jack in 'On the buses'?

  • Brian Murphy
  • Frank Thornton
  • Nicholas Lyndhurst
  • Bob Grant

Question 7 Photo

Where will the number 11 take you in 'On the buses'?

  • Shopping centre
  • Cemetry gates
  • Zoo
  • Airport

Question 8 Photo

In the movie 'Holiday on the buses' what happened to the bus at the end of the movie?

  • It got washed out to sea
  • It got stolen
  • It caught on fire
  • Jack and Stan lost it

Question 9 Photo

In the movie 'Mutiny on the buses', why did Stan have to have another driving test?

  • He was caught drink driving
  • His license had expired
  • He fell asleep at the wheel
  • He ran the bus into a bus stop

Question 10 Photo

In the 'On the buses' movie, what caused one of the women bus drivers to knock over a policeman?

  • Stan put spiders on the floor where she drives
  • Jack fiddles with the breaks
  • They spike her coffee with drugs
  • She wasn't concentrating on the road