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Which Scottish Castle Quiz

From sieges and films to births and weddings, test your knowledge of Scotland's famous strongholds and palaces in this quiz. 15 Questions.

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In which Scottish castle was Mary Stewart (better known as Mary, Queen of Scots) born in 1542?

  • Falkland Palace
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Linlithgow Palace
  • Castle Campbell

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In which Scottish castle did much of the filming of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' take place?

  • Doune castle
  • Edinburgh castle
  • Caerlaverock castle
  • Stirling castle


In which Scottish castle did Prince David, son of King Robert III, die suspiciously in the care of his uncle?

  • Craigmillar castle
  • Falkland palace
  • Doune castle
  • Blackness castle

Question 4 Photo

Which Scottish Castle is known as "the ship that never sailed"?

  • Cardoness castle
  • Blackness castle
  • Urquhart castle
  • Caerlaverock castle

Question 5 Photo

Which Scottish castle was James the II besieging at the time of his death?

  • Roxburgh castle
  • Threave castle
  • Carsluith castle
  • Dirleton castle

Question 6 Photo

In which Scottish castle is the famous canon 'Mons Meg' kept?

  • Stirling castle
  • Bothwell castle
  • Blackness castle
  • Edinburgh castle

Question 7 Photo

Stirling castle has been the objective of many famous battles, most famously when Robert the Bruce's army defeated Edward the II's much larger force. Which battle?

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Which Scottish castle was formerly known as Ruthven castle until it was seized by James VI in 1600, because its previous owner had committed treason?

  • Elcho castle
  • Huntingtower castle
  • Culzean castle
  • Urquhart castle


In which Scottish castle was William, the eighth Earl of Douglas, murdered by James II in 1452?

  • Edinburgh castle
  • Urquhart castle
  • Threave castle
  • Stirling castle

Question 10 Photo

Which Scottish castle was renovated and expanded by the famous eighteenth century architect Robert Adam?

  • Blair castle
  • Caerlaverock castle
  • Culzean castle
  • Eilean Donan

Question 11 Photo

Which Scottish castle belonged to the Dukes of Hamilton, and is situated on the Isle of Arran?

  • Brodick castle
  • Rothesay castle
  • Hamilton palace
  • Kisimuil castle


Which Scottish castle is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland? Remember to put in the full name.

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Question 13 Photo

Which Scottish castle was given to the De Bohuns after Robert the Bruce's defection from the English side during the Wars of Independence, and held by them until 1360?

  • Scone palace
  • Roxburgh castle
  • Eilean Donan castle
  • Lochmaben castle


Which Scottish castle was NOT improved by the Crown during the reigns of James IV and his son James V?

  • Falkland palace
  • Stirling castle
  • Linlithgow palace
  • Doune castle

Question 15 Photo

Which Scottish castle lies on the site of the traditional crowning place of the Kings of Scotland prior to the Union of the Crowns, despite coronations occasionally being held elsewhere?

  • Edinburgh castle
  • Scone palace
  • Stirling castle
  • Holyrood palace