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TV Sit-Coms Ancient and Modern Quiz

Old and new, Mostly British a few American. 16 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In the sit-com "Sykes" what was the relationship between Eric Sykes and Hattie (Jacques) supposed to be?

  • Husband and wife
  • Identical twins
  • First cousins
  • Landlady and lodger

Question 2 Photo

Who played the part of Mr Fairbrother in the UK sit-com "Hi de Hi"?

  • Chris Shane
  • Jeffery Holland
  • Barry Howard
  • Simon Cadell

Question 3 Photo

Who was Lucille Ball's first husband who formed a productuion company with her and also co-starred in the USA sit-com "I Love Lucy"?

  • Desi Arnez
  • Fernando Cruz
  • Isador Hemenez
  • Julio Gomez

Question 4 Photo

In the much loved UK sit-com "Open all Hours" starring Ronnie Barker, who played the busty nurse Gladys Emanuel?

  • Lynda Baron
  • Pauline Collins
  • Lynda Bellingham
  • Pauline Quirke

Question 5 Photo

Joan Davis starred in a 1950s US sit-com called "I Married Joan". Who played the part of her husband?

  • Ernest Borgnine
  • Jim Backus
  • William Bendix
  • Phil Silvers

Question 6 Photo

Who wrote the long running UK sit-com "The Liver Birds"?

  • Linda la Plante
  • Constance Cox
  • Carla Lane
  • Betty Box

Question 7 Photo

In the US sit-com "The Dick Van Dyke Show", what was the name of his emetic, little, on-screen son?

  • Richie
  • Jamie
  • Dewie
  • Petie

Question 8 Photo

In which UK sit-com starring Ronnie Corbett, did his parents frequently say "Language Timothy!" even though he wasn't swearing?

  • Apologies!
  • Excuse me!
  • Sorry!
  • Pardon me!

Question 9 Photo

Whose father was played by Elliot Gould in several episodes of the UK smash hit "Friends"?

  • Rachel Green's
  • Phoebe Buffay's
  • Ross and Monica Gellers'
  • Chandler Bing's

Question 10 Photo

In the Irish sit-com "Father Ted", what was the name of the champion sheep who gets stolen just before the 'King of the Sheep' competition?

  • Chris
  • Trevor
  • Kevin
  • Nigel

Question 11 Photo

In the US sit-com "Bewitched" what is the name of Samantha's husband?

  • Darren
  • Darrin
  • Darran
  • Derrin

Question 12 Photo

In the UK sit-com "The IT Crowd" who plays Jen?

  • Katherine Parkinson
  • Olivia Coleman
  • Katie Brand
  • Jessica Stevenson

Question 13 Photo

In the UK sit-com "Dads Army" when the men are captured by invading Germans, which character does Captain Mainwaring say "Don't tell him your name ----" to?

  • Jones
  • Pike
  • Wilson
  • Frazer

Question 14 Photo

In the UK sitcom "Miranda" where does Miranda work as her permanent job?

  • In a Restaurant
  • In a Bookshop
  • In a Gift Shop
  • In an Office

Question 15 Photo

What initials was Reggie Perrin's boss know by in the UK sit-com?

  • OJ
  • JK
  • CJ
  • JR

Question 16 Photo

Which actor used to behave badly in a UK sit-com and is now a doctor in another UK sit-com and still behaves badly?

  • Harry Enfield
  • Martin Clunes
  • Neil Morrissey
  • Robert Lindsay