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Jimi Hendrix Experience Quiz GUITAR PLAYER Number 1

The Greatest !!!! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which Jimi Hendrix UK single was initially issued on the white Track label?

  • Hey Joe
  • Voodoo Chile
  • Purple Haze
  • The Wind Cries Mary

Question 2 Photo

Which band did Noel Redding form towards the end of the Jimi Hendrix Experience?

  • Pink Fairies
  • Toefat
  • Fat Matteress
  • Frodo

Question 3 Photo

Which famous Rock n Roll star fired Jimi Hendrix for wearing outlandish clothes?

  • Little Richard
  • The Big Bopper
  • Chuck Berry
  • Bill Haley

Question 4 Photo

Who sold all his Guitars to finance Jimi Hendrix first trip to the u.k.?

  • Jack Bruce
  • Eric Burdon
  • Chas Chandler
  • Eric Clapton

Question 5 Photo

At Monterey Pop festival which song did Jimi Hendrix forget the lyrics to?

  • Rock me baby
  • Like a rolling stone
  • Catfish Blues
  • Hey Joe

Question 6 Photo

Whos albums did Jimi Hendrix constantly carry around where ever he went?

  • The Beatles
  • The Rolling Stones
  • The Cream
  • Bob Dylan

Question 7 Photo

What was on the cover of Electric Ladyland double album and Jimi Hendrix didn't like it?

  • Ugly ladies
  • Naked ladies
  • Naked ladies eating
  • A naked lady

Question 8 Photo

On which british t.v. show did The Jimi Hendrix Experience break a song and play a tribute to The Cream?

  • Sandie Shaw Show
  • Simon Dee Show
  • Lulu Show
  • Cilla Black Show

Question 9 Photo

What single topped the U.K. charts when Jimi Hendrix died?

  • All along the watchtower
  • Gypsy Eyes
  • Freedom
  • Voodoo Chile

Question 10 Photo

How did Mich Mitchel make a living before he was in a band and before he was in The Jimi Hendrix Experience?

  • Songwriter
  • Actor
  • Record Producer
  • Talent scout