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The Tale Of A Seige Quiz

Answer the questions, sort the clues and identify the nursery rhyme that summarises the tale. Beware of evil Praggy Traps! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

On 13th June 1648, Lord Fairfax's Parliamentarians forced Royalist troops to seek refuge within the walls of Colchester in which County?

  • Surrey
  • Essex
  • Sussex
  • York

Question 2 Photo

On 15th June 1648 the Royalists fortified the tower roof of which Colchester church with a massive cannon?

  • St.Patrick's
  • St.George's
  • St.Andrew's
  • St.Mary's

Question 3 Photo

The Royalist cannon and other fortifications did their job and Lord Fairfax lost how many men during his initial assaults?

  • over 500
  • 400 - 500
  • 300 - 400
  • 200 - 300

Question 4 Photo

What did Lord Fairfax decide to do after his losses?

  • Keep attacking on foot
  • Tunnel under the walls
  • Lay seige and starve the royalists
  • Seek reinforcements from the Duke of York

Question 5 Photo

Which river did Fairfax blockade to prevent ships from supplying the city?

  • The Stour
  • The Thames
  • The Chelmer
  • The Colne

Question 6 Photo

How did Fairfax blockade the landward approaches to the city?

  • He set up road blocks
  • He built artillery forts around the perimeter
  • He blocked all wall openings with rubble
  • He surrounded the city with troops

Question 7 Photo

The siege worked and the inhabitants of Colchester were forced eat what?

  • Each other
  • Slugs, snails and puppydog tails
  • Pets, candles and soap
  • Their shoe leather

Question 8 Photo

On 14th July 1864 Fairfax ordered his artillery to bombard the walls of St.Mary's church causing the top to collapse with what result?

  • The big Royalist cannon fell
  • The walls were breached
  • The citizens all escaped
  • Royalist forces immediately surrendered

Question 9 Photo

The Royalists tried to reunite the heavy cannon with its carriage and hoist it back onto the city wall but failed, despite employing what?

  • All their men
  • All their horses
  • All their men and horses
  • The city's biggest crane

Question 10 Photo

What was the nickname of the big cannon AND the Nursery Rhyme believed to have been derived from these events?

  • Mary (Mary Quite Contrary)
  • The Grand Ole Duke of York
  • Old Mother Hubbard
  • Humpty Dumpty