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A Father Ted quiz!

How well do you now Craggy Island and its inhabitants?? 10 Questions.

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Who wrote 'Father Ted'?

  • Graham Linehan and Dermot Morgan
  • Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews
  • Graham Linehan and Graham Norton
  • Graham Linehan and Dylan Moran


What was Father Ted and Dougal's entry in 'A Song For Europe'?

  • My little pony
  • My lovely horse
  • My gorgeous donkey
  • My beautiful ass


In Father Ted's 'Speed 3', what was Dougal's mode of transport?

  • A donkey
  • A milk float
  • A giant turtle
  • A popemobile


In Father Ted's 'Entertaining Father Stone', who plays Father Stone?

  • Graham Norton
  • Patrick Kielty
  • Michael Redmond
  • Dylan Moran


In Father Ted, what is Father Jack's catchphrase?

  • Work is the curse of the drinking classes
  • Eat, drink and bejaysus
  • Drink, feck, girls
  • I drink therefore I am


In the Father Ted Christmas special, where do the priests end up?

  • An adult cinema
  • Women's lingerie department in a store
  • A lap dancing club
  • The red light district


Father Ted's housekeeper Mrs Doyle has a crush on Pat Mustard. Is he....

  • A milkman
  • A priest
  • A transvestite
  • A Val Doonican tribute act


Who plays Father Ted's ill-tempered Bishop Brennan?

  • Colm Toibin
  • John Rogan
  • Gary Whelan
  • Jim Norton


In 'And God Created Woman', who plays Father Ted's temptation?

  • Celia Imrie
  • Gemma Craven
  • Fay Ripley
  • Tamsin Grieg


In 'Tentacles Of Doom', what does Father Ted coach Father Jack to say to the visiting bishops?

  • That would be a parochial matter
  • That would be a clerical matter
  • That would be an ecumenical matter
  • That would be a ministerial matter